Press Release: BlackShot Revolution Rampage

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BlackShot, a multiplayer first-person shooting game continues to load up and fires for its newest offering of massive combat experience you would awe to try, here comes BlackShot: Revolution!

Last month, BlackShot: Revolution was first released to Southeast Asian gamers, July 25th. This August, prepare for the ultimate combat for Revolution: Rampage! Get the homies you needed for this event. Event details can be seen in the attached article. New and highly calibrated weapons can be yours too!

Conquering SEA and Global, Vertigo Games’ BlackShot: Revolution is Consistently Gaining Popularity Across Southeast Asia with High-Caliber Game Update and Events!

Thursday, August 23, 2018 - The first-player shooting game of Vertigo Games, BlackShot: Revolution is back to reload and offer more recalibration! It is unstoppable for newest game updates which everyone is really excited to get a hand. Indeed, that the skilled and stronger mercenaries can stand still. Annihilating enemies is the name of the game. Better shape up and man up for the extreme combat you shouldn’t even miss at once! Top-notch weapons can be yours to test for the extreme combat!

In the first week of August, BlackShot: Revolution had already introduced the all new Rebellion GoldBox Update. Adding GoldBox will surely give mercenaries greater winning and tons of kills. A new set of exceptional weapons can be yours. Open up desire GoldBox for a great choice. Another selection of GoldBox from the previous game update was released. Check out Overdrive GoldBox which are classified to 4 goldboxes: Contractor, Frontier, Operator and Assassin Box. All boxes cost 5% less upon second purchases.

Use those great weapons and ammunitions acquired for the recently opened Revolution Rampage! Prepare your rifles and find the best homies for this combat. Kill a hundred mercenaries! It will be tallied at the end of the event. Win all the kills for a great reward waiting for the strongest mercenaries. Reach the top 50 at duos or much more be the Top Mercenaries!

Don’t just let it sweep away. Form an elite team of mercenaries for an intensive and massive combat you’ve been looking for! Visit our social networking sites to find out:

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About BlackShot: Revolution:
Originally released on 2008 by Vertigo Games, BlackShot is a Multiplayer First-Person Shooting combat game featuring an intense competitive multiplayer shooter action set in a dystopian future, where corporations and governments employ cloned mercenaries to battle one another for revolution.

Game Features
  • Customisable Mercenaries
  • World Class Arsenal
  • Various Game Modes/Combat
  • Team Deathmatch
  • New and Improved Maps
  • Competitive Rank Play
  • Additional How-to Guide for newcomers and veterans who aim to polish their skills and excel
  • And a whole lot more!

About Vertigo Games:
Vertigo Games is a game developer and publisher established in 2006 and based in Seoul, Korea. It aims to bring such pleasant feeling of dizziness to gaming experience.