Press Release: The mobile game Brown Dust Finally Open in 6 Southeast Asia Countries!

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The mobile game ‘Brown Dust’, Finally Open in 6 Southeast Asia Countries!
  • A unique Turn-Based form of mobile strategy RPG presents fun in coming up with strategies.
  • Open in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines.
  • In-game item gifts for new players to celebrate the Grand Opening.

[2018-0802] Mobile game ‘Brown Dust’, serviced by NEOWIZ Co., Ltd. (CEO Jisoo Moon), will be officially launched in 6 Southeast Asia countries on August 2nd, 2018.

'Brown Dust' will be open in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Players can download and enjoy 'Brown Dust' in the new Asia server.

‘Brown Dust’ is a Turn-Based form of mobile strategy RPG. The main feature of this game is battling with strategic layouts, collecting and using various characters, and playing diverse contents. Players can enjoy Brown Dust’s key features during the battle by analyzing enemies’ skills, attack range, supporting effects and attacking turns to win.

NEOWIZ Co., Ltd. will be holding an event until August 30th to celebrate the official launch of 'Brown Dust'. The company will provide ‘★5 Random Mercenary’ and ’10 Premium Scrolls’ to all new players. Players can also receive abundant rewards in the game by completing campaigns and missions.

‘Brown Dust’ will also hold events like ‘Summer Festa’ and 'Bingo event', where players can get Premium items such as ‘★5 Skill Book’, ‘★5 Random Mercenary’, and more. Players can receive a special 'Summer Lady' costume for Angelica (the character in the game) through a puzzle event which will be held until August 23rd as well.

‘Brown Dust’ can be downloaded at Google Play Store ( and Apple App Store (

More information about ‘Brown Dust’ can be found at the official community page (

Service Summary

Official launch date: August 2nd, 2018 (12:00 UTC+9)
Countries: Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines (6 countries)

- Google Play Store:
- Apple App Store:

Introducing Brown Dust
‘Brown Dust’ is a mobile strategy RPG developed by GAMFS and serviced by NEOWIZ company.

It’s currently being serviced in South Korea and Japan and is highly rated among players for high-quality illustrations and unique game style.

Official Community:
Official Promotion Video:

Battle Strategy
‘Brown Dust’ is a Turn-Based form of RPG where battle strategy plays an important role in winning.

The battle takes place in 3 x 6 map, regularly in 9 vs. 9 format. The main goal is to win the battle by strategically placing and putting the mercenaries in order, considering the skills, attack range, effects, and order of the enemies. In order to win, players need to analyze the enemy’s attack and defense strategy and to prepare for an enemy’s attack considering the space and mercenaries players have. The complexity and the uniqueness of ‘Brown Dust’ really intrigue the players to enjoy the game.

There are more than 300 mercenaries in ‘Brown Dust’, and they are divided into four types: Warrior, Defender, Supporter, and Magician. Players can have fun leveling up, enhancing, and awakening mercenaries to make them more powerful. Some mercenaries become more powerful with a Set Effect, so players can enjoy and delight in collecting different mercenaries for a Set Effect.

There is a ‘Campaign’ mode where players can enjoy the main story in 800 stages, a ‘PVP Arena’ where players can challenge other players, and a ‘Challenge’ mode where players can collect necessary items for growth. In ‘PVP Arena’ mode, players will be matched automatically with players of similar stats.

Introducing NEOWIZ (

NEOWIZ Co., Ltd. (CEO Jisoo Moon) is a professional game company where it develops and services a variety of competitive games over various platforms.

Mostly known as the 'DJMAX' series developer, it is currently providing game service for mobile games like ‘TAPSONIC TOP’, ‘TAPSONIC WORLD CHAMPION’, and Strategy RPG ‘Brown Dust’, and other variety of FPS, MMORPG games through a game portal site called Pmang

Especially, early-access version for MMORPG ‘BLESS’ has been launched globally through ‘Steam’ platform.