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Nov 21, 2018
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Prince Lauron is a young Filipino YouTuber lives in Cebu City Philippines. He is an avid fan Pewdiepie to the point that he acts like him in the video for entertainment like gaming content, Challenges, Music videos, vines, memes stuff and more.

I want to be like Pewdiepie on how he did his career as a successful YouTuber as this is my inspiration hopefully to become a Youtube celebrity. - Prince Lauron

What is your IGN name? Tell us why you choose that name.

Prince Lauron this is my real name but my full name is Prince Jose Evan Herrero Lauron. I choose this name because this thinks me that fits in my name that I’ve been used for my facebook, youtube, twitch, and my other social accounts.

Are you in a gaming group? What is it about let us know more info about the group?
I just joined a group from some random search on the Facebook group such as Rules of Survival and Fortnite and other gaming groups.

This can be useful to play together and have some fun or have a gaming video on youtube that I want to share on.

What games are you playing?
I play Rules of Survival, Fortnite, horror games, website games, some RPG games, some fps games, GTA 5, Fighting games like Tekken 7 / Mortal Kombat XL, Paladins, party games, racing games, and more

Why do you play games?
Because it can avoid stress and sadness and it gonna have more fun and happiness in self.

What is your favorite game and why?
My favorite kind of game is a multiplayer once like party games such as rules of survival and more as long as its playable together; because that is where the most enjoyment and fun comes in when plays together with your friends.

Who is your favorite gaming character and why?
My favorite character since I was a child is Mario because he is good looking and attractive character for me and makes me want to play Mario games.

Do you have a twitch or youtube page?
Yes, I have my Youtube page is

Twitch Account

How does gaming affect your daily life?
It affects me to feel tempting to play games more than doing important things but I can control them that playing games must be at a right time.

What can you say about other Filipino gamers in the Philippines?
All I can say to them when every time I see Filipinos live streaming on youtube, twitch or facebook is that they are so good in games for in short already some pro gamer, not include me because I’m a noob in games.

Some Final Thoughts?
I watch some videos of Pewdiepie to learn more idea on how to make a video for my youtube in a great way of entertainment.

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