[Private Server] AION Bizantium 7.3 Version - High Rate Semi PVP Full Custom Server PC 

Rai Novaldy Kodrat

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Jun 26, 2020
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Hello everyone!

We want to invite all of you AION enthusiasts to join our server!



Server features
  • Semi PVP & High Rate server (Exp x1000; Quest x500; Drop x100)
  • New player full equipment Legendary Grade starter pack
  • Custom Archon/Council system; change every 2 weeks (not yet implemented)
  • Daily War system, 3 times in a day (06:00, 13:00, 20:00 GMT +7)
  • Custom: PVP Battle Ground 1x1; 3x3; 6x6, Guild War system, and Battle Invasion (not all of it implemented yet)
  • Custom Fortress Siege Battle
  • Fully Work: Transformation system, Minion system, Daevanion skill, Stigma skill, Cubic system, Aetherforging system
  • Monthly reset of Abyss/Glory/War points (not yet implemented)
  • Custom exchange system of Abyss/Glory/War points
  • Custom Instance & World Boss drop
  • Custom Gold Trade Market system
  • Custom Lugbug daily quest system, Daily attendance reward & Online bonus
  • Custom Farming map
And more features waiting for you in our server!


Do not hesitate to join!

Visit our website
Join our Facebook Group or Discord

Download our client here or here
our launcher here

Supporting programs
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.1 here
  • DirectX June 2010 here
Register your account here
Check our Farming guide here

Thank you for reading and see you guys at our server!

Many thanks to PinoyGamer for the awesome forum to share everything!
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