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Guild of Guardians


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Mar 3, 2016
Metro D6
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Joined last week, didn't bother posting here before but has extra time tonight.
add me up with message that you're from pinoygamer :D
steam: macabrehellfire
PSN: LyricalDragunov (R1) -main LuschkaZvezda (R3) - secondary
Garena: macabrechaos LoLPH: Nicol Bolas
youtube: LyricalDragunov

Genres: Survival Horror, MMORPG/FPS/Crafting, Action RPG, Adventure
Currently Playing: Metro Last Light Redux, LoL, Blade & Soul (casual), The Division (PC, starting this week)

Likes: Dogs, Wolves, Ramen, Horror, Action, Adventure, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Mythology, Ancient History, AK47, SVD, P90, Sans Rival, Ice Cream, Mecha, Shyvanna, Metal, Vampires, Werewolves and ninjas.
Dislikes: boiled/steamed vegetables (except potatoes), domestic cats (until i meet waifu who loves them), hackers, cowards, motorcycles<400cc, Fizz, rap(local and gangster), pirates.