Pro Camping in Fortnite


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May 11, 2015
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I'm posting this pro-camping post without the intent of stirring the pot, so read with an open mind. If your opinion differs.. fine... but don't bother slamming the strategy... that's been done to death already and it never goes anywhere.

Taken seriously, camping is an art form.. it's not like we just go AFK and come back now n then for an easy kill.

Read some of the WWII stories about snipers who hole up in a pile of rubble and stay there for a couple days with a target across the field from them who is terrified to leave their cover for fear of death from some unseen assailant.

"Surely that sniper can't STILL be there!" *steps out 2 days later*


It's beautiful *wipes a tear*

There's a lot of effort (and a little luck) that goes into picking the right bush that offers enough cover, plus a good field of view, in a strategic area that anticipates the movement of yer enemy and is in a place that puts you in the right spot for a win. On top of this we're fully aware of whats around us 360*.... it's wonderful. Then we exercise maximum restraint and not getting jumpy on the trigger. OMG the tension as you sit there with yer finger on the trigger.. watching the target but waiting for that perfect time to snap off yer rounds.. mmmm. It's like.. tantric people hunting ;)

Anyone who doesnt respect camping has never done it properly. The bush item is like a gillie suit, used by some of the top soldiers in the world, and when we don't have one of those, we're resourceful enough to improvise with what the battlefield gifts us. We use the environment as an ally, not as scenery.

If you haven't already seen it.. watch Enemy At The Gates. You'll find a whole new love for our craft =)

Happy Camping!