Project Cars Released Date Wii U

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by krak3nz, Oct 31, 2014.

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    [​IMG] Release date: 2014

    Racing simulations fans all have their favorite series, but even the most hardcore fans know their series' flaws. None of them have truly nailed an authentic driving experience, with both floaty controls and major lag between input and action commonly named as big issues. Project CARS is looking to change all that and develop the first true racing simulation, and so far it seems like they're on the right racetrack.

    Despite using the same game engine as Need for Speed: Shift, Project CARS has somehow eliminated those two major issues, boasting tight controls and near-nonexistent input lag. Of course, there could be other problems that have yet to come to light, but we're certainly not going to worry about that until we have to. It sounds like Project CARS may be the racing game fans have been waiting for; let's hope it actually turns out that way.

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