Project E Rise of Awakened


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Jul 7, 2019
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Rise of Awankened is an Urban-Style 3D Action RPG. You’ll enter a parallel world based on the REAL City of the 1970s, become the Director of the E.G.R.P.A to experience historical battles! The game plays in classic side-scrolling, with hundreds of well-designed stages and Real-Time PVP! Everything presenting here is to give you the most satisfying mobile action game experience!

Urban-Style 3D Action RPG:Rise of Awakened,starts Closed Beta Test!

Please be noticed:
  • The Closed Beta Test is available for Android OS only.
  • Time: Aug. 1st 15:00 p.m. - Aug. 8th 15:00 p.m.(GMT+8)
  • CBT benefits will be sent daily via in-game mails.
  • All the data will be DELETED after the test.
‼️‼️Servers for USA/ SEA will be optional, please choose a server for your region to have the best experience.‼️‼️

One fateful night in the 1970s, an accident called the 「Grand Shockwave」caused DNA mutation that affected millions of citizens. Two days later, the sky above New State City cracked open. Creatures from 「Xeno World」 appeared in the city and transformed it into a completely isolated world.

As more Xeno creatures appear in New State City, it’s down to you, the director of the E.G.R.P.A, to recruit Awakeneds and fight against the devils as well as other criminals.