Project Eve - Shift Up's New Korean AAA Multi-Platform Action Game Looks Amazing PC 

Shift Up just revealed new gameplay of their upcoming action game, Project Eve. If you've read that whole title, that's one long description, isn't it? All of those words are true. It's our first time sharing it with you so we'll cover everything from the very beginning. So sit tight and enjoy the rest of our Project Eve info tour!


Let's start at the very beginning. Shift Up is the Korean developer behind the mobile game, Destiny Child. They've announced 2 new games including Project Eve back in 2019. According to the press release, it was designed for consoles and PC. As to which consoles are they referring to are not yet clear. But, we'll take a closer look at the gameplay later on and try to predict the consoles.


There wasn't much information regarding the story or overall process of the game. Just like what the title states, all we know is that Project Eve is Shift Up's new AAA action game that is still being developed. It is built using Unreal Engine 4 and the one leading the character designs is none other than Hyung-Tae Kim (김형태), the former lead character designer of the popular MMORPG, Blade & Souls.

That's the trailer of the game revealed in 2019. If you've noticed the little message somewhere in the middle of the trailer video, you'll realize that it's actually a game engine footage. This means that what we're seeing here may reflect what we'll really see in the game! And, guess what? The gameplay video tells it all. I'm hyping you up for the awesome gameplay you're about to see later on. You can already cheat and go down the article to see it if you can't wait.



Why are we seeing images of a single woman? According to the info we have right now, it seems that we only have one main character for now. You'll play as "Eve" as you battle against monsters. The environment looks like a post-apocalyptic world with a few hints of futuristic or sci-fi stuff. And since we're about to approach how the game really looks like, let's head to the gameplay already.


Here's a snipped image from the "Battle Report" gameplay video they recently uploaded. Just like the trailer, you may view it in 4K resolution. And let me say it already, "I'm IN AWE". I played it in 4K resolution and played with the playback speed to appreciate the frames even more. It may be a bummer if it's true that Eve's the only playable character in the game. But, the whole fighting mechanics fully compensated for that issue.


Watching it felt like playing Geralt of Rivia or Dante from DMC with the hardcore action concept of souls games. Every thrilling move that I've loved from those games were combined and implemented here. You can roll, parry, cool dodges, counterattacks, and perform definitive swordplays! The little robot thing flying around is kind of annoying but nevertheless, it's a truly hyping game.

I can't fully confirm whether the game will be single-player or if it will feature multiplayer play. As for our prediction, since the game has high-quality graphics, there's a low chance for it to come on mobile. The development started in 2019 so the possibility of it coming to PS4 and Xbox One is still high. But I won't be surprised if it will be released for PS5 and Xbox Series X instead. The PC version still remains in the top spot.


There's no confirmed release date or even testing date. The game is still in heavy development and they're still looking for "developers and creators". Project Eve seems to be bigger than we might be thinking. As for our usual closing remarks, I'm giving all the credits to Shift Up for the images, videos, and content that I've used. Seeing your new gameplay video made me realize that I need to upgrade my PC components soon.

Project Eve - Official Site

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