Project HOUSEHOLD Is The Second In-house Console Game Project Of LINE Games

LINE Games held their “LINE Games Play Game 2021” event at Seoul, where they’ve introduced their five new flagship projects for console, PC, and mobile.

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The second in-house console game project of LINE Games after Buried Stars, Project HOUSEHOLD, is currently in development by Director Seung Ho Jin of Studio LARGO. Built with Studio LARGO’s experience and insights accumulated from making adventure games, Project HOUSEHOLD will be focused on a player-controlled combat system, taking advantage of the development environment of console platforms.


As an “Occultic X Urban X Fantasy”, this game will take place in modern-day Seoul and the story will revolve around a group of psychics with an overarching main theme of family.

The specific service platform Project HOUSEHOLD will be launching on is still not yet announced as well as its release date. Note that this may be only available for South Korea first.
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