Project L Details by GamerBee, Hyper Front Shutting, Nvidia RTX4070 Pricing, Blue Protocol Details and more

In our recent gaming podcast Filipino gamers discusses about Project L details shared by GamerBee, Hyper Front Shutting Down, Blue Protocol Hype, Nvidia RTX4070 Pricing, Street Fighter Shows, I The Inquisitor and ROG Ally by Asus.

Street Fighter Movie and TV Rights
Does anyone remember the Street Fighter Live action movie? With Vandam! Street Fighter movie in 1994. After that shit movie like Chun-Li Legend or something. Well seems like new movies and tv shows are possible. There is a new agreement between Legendary Entertainment and Capcom. Legendary is known for shows like Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, Sonic the Hedgehog, and The Last of Us

The Inquisitor
If you are a religious person close your ears or just ignore what I'm about to say, What if there is a game like Witcher 3 but instead of Geralt you play as Jesus Christ? If you like this concept good news there is a game called The Inquisitor which is based on a book series Its also a best seller.

So the game The Inquisitor is in an alternative religious timeline. Basically, after Jesus was crucified he breaks free and unleashes violent vengeance on all the non-believers. Based from the trailer I saw it's like a mix of assassins creed and the witcher game, Still interested? The Inquisitor will b available on PS5, Xbox, and PC no release date yet

ROG Ally
First thought as an April Fool's joke Asus actually confirmed they are getting ready for the hand held console to rival the steam deck. Its called the ROG ally will run on Windows 11, Custom AMD APU , 1080p display, and 120hz. If you have extra money you can plug it with ROG external GPU, No release date and price were mentioned for the ROG ally

Nvidia 4070​

For our tech update, it was recently confirmed by Videocardz that the retail for RTX 4070 will be 599 USD or 32,000 PHP , 200dollars cheaper than 4070ti. 4070ti was initially 899 then became 799 because of the backlash because they called it the 4080g gb. We are not gonna talk about the specs instead will talk about what matters for example, do you think this is overpriced? We can compare it to the previous generation, 3070 which cost 499 when it was launched in 2021. Something to note the comparison product which was the 3070 price didn't change. In some markets, it even increased. If you are interested the RTX 4070 will be released on April 13.

Blue Protocol​

Before we discuss Blue Protocol what is the last MMO you played or have been excited for at least one title? After long hiatus, Blue Protocol is getting hyped again. They initially released a benchmarking tool around March. Users can check if their PC can handle the game. You can play around with the character creation. Though there was no gameplay there was jiggle physics so 10 of 10 already.

Then before March ended the Second Network test has begun. At least for Japanese users but as usual you can bypass this. So far the feedback is positive with some citing they fixed the majority of the complaints on the previous network test.

So what's the game about? If you enjoy Genshin Impact then make it an MMO Basically, anime style open world MMORPG. It's so Anime that there is an anime intro and the ost is from Sawano Hiroyuki (seven deadly sins, 86, Gundam Unicorn, and many mecha anime). The game is scheduled to release in the second half of 2023. There is a beta signup available on their website. You will need an Amazon account.

Hyper Front​

Remember last time we talked about Valorant Mobile one of the topics that came out was Hyper Front. Just a quick recap, Hyper Front is a mobile FPS game that looks like Valorant It plays like it and looks like it but for mobile.

The game is from Netease which is notorious for being inspired by every major game titles. Rules of Survival inspired by PUBG, Egg Party inspired by Fall Guys, Cyber Hunter inspired by Fortnite, and Code T inspired from Cyberpunk 2077. I'm, sure there are more those are just a few things I remember. Note I'm using Inspired to avoid defamation and will leave the listeners on what they think about it.

So why are we talking about Hyper Front? On a Twitter post last April 3, it was announced that the servers for the game Hyper Front are shutting down. The servers will specifically shut down on April 10. Depending on when you are watching are listing to this podcast you can still play it or the game servers are gone.

Some additional notes, According to the Hyper Front team “In order to protect privacy and security. Account, character, and other information will be deleted unless specified by local laws and regulations. Sounds sus seems like they are covering for something coz we all know how these companies love your data. The Hyper Front shutdown reason was not mentioned, not sure if its the number of players which we doubt since there is a market for mobile valorant players.

But one thing seems to be the most likely, Not confirmed more of a speculation. Fans speculate that this is due to the Riot Games lawsuit, claiming that the game was copying Valorant. This was first reported from Western media polygon coming from the lawyer Dan Nabel “All of our creative choices are mirrored in NetEase’s game,” he said. “We don’t think that changing the color of a character's ability or slightly modifying the visual appearance changes the fact that it’s copyright infringement. It’s like that old saying, ‘You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.’

Project L​

Not sure if a majority is aware but aside from Riot developing League based MMO they are also developing a Fighting game allied project L. Xides and I were introduced to fighting games by our seniors back in high school who are very competitive. Going back to the topic, Riot Games first revealed Project L back in 2019 and not much was said about it until recently, Bruce Hsiang or GamerBee, an esports player who specializes in fighting games revealed some information that is being reported by large news outlets.

So what are this information? Feel free to jump in per point. Project L is still in early development in fact it’s still far from a close beta stage. Project L will be free to play and will be a live service game. It will be a permanent version so not part 2 or something. Updates will come in form of DLC similar to the current fighting games.

Project L is aiming to bet 2v2 style fighting games like Tekken Tag or Marvel vs Capcom. Since its a Riot game project, they will integrate it with the world of League of Legends. This is kinda confirmed if you are the gameplay footages revealed. Over 141 characters they can use from LoL.

For gameplay mechanics will keep it short since we are not expert on this field. There will be 2 rounds. There are moves called retreating guard which have an unavoidable vulnerability. Normal moves can be canceled into a jump chain combo.
ground chain combo that includes a launcher move, then a jump to continue the combo. There will be defense systems but they currently not yet showcased. There won't be any CC skills like in League of Legends

Then for the pro scene of Project L or esports. There will be a limit to official tournaments so that it doesn't cannibalize with community tournaments. As for the release date and platform, since its a riot game we can expect it on PC. However, they are coordinating with PlayStation to create a fighting game with the same input lag across all platforms. So a console is big possibility.


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