Project Loki enters its alpha development phase, partnerships with NetEase and Nexon revealed

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Last year, League of Legends former executive vice president Joe Tung, together with some developers from Riot Games, announced that they have moved out of the company creating a new game studio called Theorycraft Games. They have revealed their new MOBA game titled Project Loki, wherein they have put their version of the genre into the game. Now, new updates about the game have been released.

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Recently, Tung has been ecstatic to announce that Project Loki has finally left its pre-alpha stages. As the game finally enters its true alpha development phase, sign ups are now available through Theorycraft’s official website. Interested players will be asked to give their emails and other needed information before agreeing to a non-disclosure agreement.

With the development that the game is going through right now, it signifies that the developers have committed to the current shape of the game. It also means that the developers are now done testing out more prototypes for the game, focusing more on adding details to the combat system, which can satisfy both new and seasoned MOBA players. They can also focus more on finalizing the designs and art styles of the characters and locations that will be featured in the game.

Tung also assures that the developers will be working on Project Loki’s performance on PC, ensuring that it can be played on the best system possible. Additionally, Tung has also revealed that Theorycraft has partnered up with Netease Games and Nexon for the distribution of Project Loki to markets in China, Korea, and Japan.

Currently, the developers have yet to reveal the game’s release so make sure to stay tuned for more details!