Project Loki has officially been titled SUPERVIVE and will be launching an open beta this year

The free-to-play competitive squad-based hero battle royale game Project Loki, developed by Theorycraft Games, is officially called SUPERVIVE, and its open beta is scheduled for late 2024. Additionally, there will be a public playtest from June 27 to July 4. You may register for it here.


Theorycraft Games CEO Joe Tung said in a press release that "We left the security of our AAA jobs and founded Theorycraft to make a big bet on ourselves, to see if we could make the deepest games in the world, and to develop in a new way—out in the open with real players from day one. It’s been a wild ride to get to this point and we are proud to present SUPERVIVE as our first shot across the bow. We’re beyond grateful for our existing community and are super excited to welcome in new players!"

About the Game​

SUPERVIVE is a squad-based, competitive, free-to-play hero battle royale game. In a single SUPERVIVE session, players will form groups of four and venture into a vast sky-based environment, with the objective of being the last team standing as the playspace gets increasingly constrained by a devastating storm.


In order to prevail, your team must descend upon an enormous, open globe in order to eliminate enemies and accomplish a wide range of game goals. By doing this, you will be bestowed with equipment, uncommon powers, and levels that you can utilize to your advantage to vanquish opposing teams. You'll discover special abilities and gear along the route, come up with wild plans of attack, and defeat rival teams in expansive, fluid battles.

SUPERVIVE is a free-to-play game that never requires you to pay for power, since item unlocks are just for cosmetics.


Key Game Features​

  • Main Mode: SQUADS - 10 teams per lobby, 40 players total, four players per squad. About 20 minutes per game session. There are also also supports duos and four-versus-four deathmatches.
  • There are now more than 15 hunters accessible for playtesting, and more are being developed for launch. Every hunter have four powers, a passive, and a primary fire. Players can choose any hunter to unlock at different level milestones as they advance on their Hunter's Journey pass. Hunters are unlocked through regular gameplay. In SUPERVIVE, there are no set "roles" or required team configurations; any hunter with considerable ability can win a one-versus-one and deal decent damage.

  • There are three major hunter archetypes:
    • Fighters - they often have low-to-medium utility and do the greatest damage.
    • Protectors - helpful team players with a moderate damage output.
    • Controllers - they have space-controlling, disruptive skills along with a moderate damage output.

  • Map-based objectives and storm shifts - Every game includes the opportunity to roll a random "storm shift" that modifies the game's variables. Examples of such shifts include nomadic storm, which shifts the playspace across enormous distances, and bullet trains, which adds three fast and deadly trains to the map. Throughout the game, distinct, biome-specific monsters and bosses will spawn at various points, dropping special powers or abilities that might change the course of the game. Discover a vast and diverse universe where numerous biomes have been blended together in the sky.
  • Over 50 unique powers - A vast range of distinct, flexible powers are available in SUPERVIVE, including placeable fortifications, special abilities, passive advantages, and combat-augmenting abilities. A few instances

SUPERVIVE Announcement Trailer​

Combat Meets Chaos​

Unlike other games, SUPERVIVE offers different kinds of in-game features such as:
  • An extensive variety of flexible powers, items, skills, and environmental interactions—bounce off obstacles, construct barriers, glide through chasms, strike trees, board trains, mix and match powers in unexpected ways, and more.
  • Players may glide and engage in aerial combat with "spikes" that instantly knock them out if they are struck in mid-air.
  • Low kill time, enabling 1vN playmaking that is extremely lethal.
  • Massive comebacks happen more frequently in SUPERVIVE, guaranteeing that players aren't out until they're out because to creative comeback mechanisms like:
    • While fighting, you can bring downed allies back to life.
    • "Deathbox resurrections," in which, provided no one interferes, you can use a deceased ally's deathbox to bring them back to life
    • Resurrection beacons for a full squad revive (no tags required).
    • The "most wanted" power-up, which, if you survive long enough (or kill enough people), revives your squad and broadcasts your location to the lobby.

Keep an eye out for announcements as the game's developers intend to continuously add new powers, hunts, biomes, cosmetics, and other features.