Project NEO - One of JoyCity's newest games for 2021, announced today!

We've talked a lot about in the past regarding JoyCity. It is a publisher that usually handles the games in the Korean market. Well, it has been announced that they have a plan for the coming year. They released their list of games to publish in 2021 and one of them will be our topics for today. An SLG that might make or break it, well depending on their execution, let's talk about Project NEO.

Project NEO.jpg

Project NEO is being headed by Mojito Games, those developers have made games that are memorable in the past such as Game of Dice and Hero Ball Z. It is important to note that Mojito Games are a subsidiary of JoyCity so to say they are connected is an understatement.

So expect that there will not be much friction regarding the developers and the publishers since they have links to each other.

Project NEO is going to be an SLG, which people might not be familiar with, but for those uninitiated, it's a debate for the majority of the gaming community. It is always associated with strategy games with the mechanic of building kingdoms and going to war, but as you can see in the teaser trailer, while it shows the kingdom, there are also cute anime girls that are featured. Interesting to see how it goes.

Needless to say, the art of the game is well-done. I am very impressed that Mojito Games made it appealing, this sure will make the people interested in these types of games to await how the game will follow through. Waifus with SLG is kinda confusing to see how it will push through, but hey, we've only seen the teaser trailer so we cannot judge the book by its cover.

Project NEO b.jpg

Will I play it? Honestly, I am being tied to more gacha games than these types of games, the waifus look interesting though. But that is the weeb in me talking. How about you guys? Tell us your thoughts about this upcoming game in the comments section!