Project NEXT Phase 3 will be released sometime in September

New information about MLBB’s upcoming Project NEXT Phase 3 has been posted.


A known data miner, Kazuki Official, has posted another content of the next phase of Project NEXT. Four more heroes are getting revamped including Odette, Kagura, Hayabusa, and Lancelot aside from the first three that are Karina, Minotaur, and Alpha. Information about these upcoming revamps has not been released though except their concept arts.


Also, Kazuki Official stated that aside from these reported heroes that will be getting revamps, more heroes of MLBB will also get their own revamps but are not part of Project NEXT Phase 3. These heroes are Franco, Kimmy, Faramis, and Vexana and their revamps will happen in Phase 4.



Major improvements were made in the game’s UI as well as in the map design. The map will have a new look and will have more detailed texture than before.


The jungle creeps were also redesigned to match the new look of the new map.



The main lobby will be having a complete overhaul, making it more organized than the current interface. Aside from that, the background of the main lobby will change according to the players region’s time but it is still not known if the new main lobby will be released in Phase 3 or Phase 4.


Another bonus about the main lobby is that players can set the background with their favorite hero if they want to.


The profile section will also change. Players achievements will be organized and are placed in one place.

Kazuki Official stated that the Phase 3 will be released sometime this coming September. While the Phase 3 isn’t released yet, enjoy first the two previous updates of Mobile Legends.
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