Project RushB will begin a closed beta test in July 27 on select regions

Laser Edge Studios has published Project RushB, a 5v5 team-based first-person shooter. It is made by Press Fire Games, the company behind Battle Prime. In certain ways, the game is similar to several well-known titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant. Project RushB's closed beta testing will begin on July 27, 2022, in a few locations in the Philippines, Brazil, and Canada. It will shortly be made available in other locations.


The game has been expertly tuned for mobile users, allowing them to play it in 15-minute bouts without experiencing any lagging. It offers easy-to-use controls that may also be customized. It also makes use of a gaming engine that it created. This offers a decent compromise between high-quality graphics for high-end devices and performance and graphics for low-end devices.

The lack of aim assistance in Project RushB was a deliberate choice on the part of the designers. The absence of an aim assist increases competition and ensures that every player gets a fair shot. As there are no features to aid in shooting or targeting, players can only win purely on their shooting prowess. Heroes have three special skills, and how quickly players use them greatly affects the game's result.

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According to the game's creators, the only viable course of action for victory is to employ effective techniques, tactics, and talents. They have said that there are no paid items in the game to provide players with an advantage in the matches. And also stated that there will never be one in the future too.

Players who wish to participate in Project RushB must select a Hero for their character. Each hero has a unique power that, in one way or another, benefits the person employing it. The Bomb Defuse Mode is the only mode available in the game. Players must battle with their colleagues to either eliminate every adversary before the countdown expires or protect the bomb once it has been detonated.


Only Android smartphones will be supported for a closed beta test of Project RushB in the chosen areas. Regarding the iOS edition of the game, there are no updates. Players from the areas who are interested in taking part in the closed beta test should pre-register as soon as possible because space is limited. Players from other locations will have to wait till the game is available in their nations. For additional updates, interested gamers should like Project RushB's official Facebook page.