Project V - Vela Games' New Multiplayer Online Co-op Genre Might Revolutionize The Future Of Gaming

The word "revolutionize" might sound big for others especially if it's your first time hearing or seeing this new team of developers. I'll fully introduce Vela Games and what they're trying to do along with their new game, codenamed Project V, which seems so mysterious, interesting, and ambitious. I guess that wordplay already caught your attention. So, without further ado, let's look right into it.


Let's start with the game! Project V was revealed recently by Vela Games but it seems that they've been working on it since last year. There wasn't much information shared about the game aside from what the developers are aiming to build with it. Their goal for Project V is like deep murky water with lots of diamonds at the bottom-most part of it. It's vague and, somehow, unreachable at first but you can already see its great potential if it succeeds.

Why did you say murky?

Well, they're creating something REALLY NEW. The MOCO (multiplayer online co-op ) genre may have been seen from other existing games already. But, this time, they're trying to solidify its meaning. We've seen some of the features that they're trying to incorporate failed in some other games before - games that promised such innovation and failed due to a number of reasons such as greed.

Vela Games logo.png

But, this time, I think Vela Games will succeed in pulling off such imaginative and crazy ideas. They're working on innovating another part of competitive and casual gaming. Their inspiration, if I'm not mistaken with my understanding, was the composition made by the indie game, Hades. The founders of Vela Games are AAA veterans from Riot and EA. They've seen what League of Legends and other MOBAs are made of.


Founders of Vela Games
In general, they want to make Project V a game made to be enjoyed in every way possible. They want to give the players, especially those who play with their friends, a meaningful experience together while playing the game instead of accumulating toxicity. They want to make Project V a game wherein you won't feel the anxiety of getting bad treatment from seasoned players just because you're new. And that golden rule that they've told PCGamesN exclusively means a lot - "friends should never be a burden" But, their logic of character progression and being not a burden even if your friends are way ahead of you is paradoxical for the current games today.


According to their statements, Project V will be between full PVP and PVE and they're aiming to unite those two sides. They want to reimagine the multiplayer co-operative experience and bring it to its full potential. And, according to their description, the game will offer a hybrid experience from two known genres - MMO and MOBA. For me, it's like mixing my favorite games!

The skill-based experience from League, the dungeon experience from classic MMOs, and co-operative plays from Monster Hunter or Dauntless. Not to mention, their particular rule of no win/lose tradeoff from Hades' inspiration is a great addition to lessen the pressure of rushing your strength too much. Well, we can't fully understand what or how they're going to pull this off. But, they're doing their great so far and having a team of veterans surely gives us who are waiting a relative amount of confidence.


Well, that's it for now. But, if any update comes up, we'll let you know as fast as we can. The game is still in huge development and if they really are planning to deliver us something this epic, then it will surely take some time. For those who are wondering about the platform, they're planning to release it on PC but it's not yet confirmed. As for the credits, roll it!

I'm giving huge thanks and the credits to Vela Games and PCGamesN. For Vela Games, the announcement trailer looks amazing already! We can't wait for the possible evolution in gaming your goals will make. I'm already looking forward to the dawn of new genres and innovative games! As for PCGamesN, your exclusive interview with the CEO of Vela Games provided so many insights. Thank you for sharing them with the gaming community.

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