Promising Game: NXN's RISE gets second trailer with gameplay and graphics PC PlayStation Xbox iOS Android 

Games are ever-evolving through advancement of graphics and better understanding of the player base, developers have begun to find a pattern in which they could make a game that the players will incredibly like, while some still miss their shots, there is a promising Korean MMORPG with the look it has and the gameplay that it might offer, and we have covered them once here...


Back in July, we have covered, RISE, the MMORPG made by NXN from staff that had worked in Netmarble before. With impressive graphics, people have become interested in the development of this game. Well, they have released a new trailer and it looks fire.

The graphics look very realistic and it shows how far graphics technology has reached throughout the years. With breathtaking scenes and the scenery that immerses you once you start to play the game, that's fascinating. The gameplay does not seem to be fast-paced, you might need to parry, counter-hit, or block. Now, we only saw a glimpse of the gameplay, it is still too early to tell if this will be a hit or not. Nevertheless, we need to keep a look at an eye on this as it might have a promising future. The fact that it is going to be multiplatform means that the developers are positive that it will be a hit.


Anyways, what do you think of this game? Will this hype you to play one more MMORPG? Tell us your thoughts on the comments section! Join the MMORPG and RISE discussion now!