Pros & Cons of Four Different Clash Royale Tactics

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Apr 27, 2019
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There are four different types of tactics in Clash Royale now.
1.Huge-crowd Strategy
2.Double pawn line storm
3.Demolition troop
4.Stealing tower

Huge-crowd Strategy
Advantage: From Arena 0 to unlock Goblin Barrel, players can creat a powerful team to help to attack Arena 2.This tactic is very useful. Because of those low cost troop, you can defeat the opponent in one wave. Even for newbie, the cost of elixir won’t affect the game pave.
Disadvantage: The disadvantage is especially obvious. Your team is very afraid of AOE, too aggressive and almost have no defence ability . Especially Bomb Tower is the ultimate killer for Huge-crowd Strategy.

Double Pawn Line Storm
Advantage: a little costing cards. Players will find this issue after entering Arena 3. The tactic of double pawn line storm is similar with huge-crowd strategy. But it is more demanding in players operation and the control of residual volume of opponent’s elixir.
Select a pawn line as a feint route and settle the proper number of troops or barracks. And send out the raid units in another line at the right time such as barrel and cavalry, thus achieving the goal of double pawn line. Some raid cards have significant power to against Arrows.

Demolition Troop
Advantage: As the name suggests, the core of this tactic is to dismantle tower and the main attacking target is the building. This is the most popular tactic among high trophies players. And it is very easy to handle within COC players.
Disadvantage: This tactic has little disadvantages. If the cards in hand is not that ideal, the pave will be affected easily.

Stealing Tower
The core of this tactic is X-BOW. Facing with specific deck, this tactic has its own powerful effect. Players can settle X-BOW near the area around the river to attack opponent’s tower.