Prove Your Valorant Skills In Youth Esports Program's National Interschool Cyber League

You've seen different articles about the active role of Youth Esports Program (YEP) in cultivating and promoting esports in our country. This time, they're taking the notch a little higher and tapped first into the fast growing community of Valorant.

National Interschool Cyber League a.jpg

A few days ago, YEP brought us National Interschool Cyber League! According to their description, this is our country’s largest national student esports league. As part of their inauguration for 2020-21 league season, they'll feature three games. We're already taking about the first game here.

We're waiting for the confirmation of the two other games. But right now, the highlight is on Valorant. And let me tell you that this ain't no ordinary league tournament that you see in your local places. It won't be called "largest" if it's a simple competition, isn't it? Let me explain why.

National Interschool Cyber League b.png

Look at that prize pool, the plus sign, and the small statement at the very bottom of the photo. That clearly indicates a growing hype in the ears of the sponsors and the gaming industry itself. And the fact that it's already a national tournament that involves the whole Philippine community means it's a large scale tournament.

The registration begins tomorrow, August 26. And if you can't properly read the requirements above, here's the list for you:
  1. All team members must be enrolled in SY 2020-21.
  2. No team members must have a failing grade.
  3. Only one member of the team can be from a different school.
  4. Each team will only be allowed one player change in their roster in the middle of the season. A reason must be given.
  5. Senior high school, College, and Post-Grad students are allowed. Junior high school and Professors are not allowed.
  6. There is NO registration fee.
National Interschool Cyber League c.png

Here's the tournament road map for all the four regions. Just to be clear, the registration doesn't limit any school participation. But, just as the statement below says, YEP chapters (school partners of YEP), will have the advantage of getting automatically seeded to Round 2 qualifiers.

The Top 4 teams from each regional qualifiers will go to the Regional Finals. And the Top 1 Team from the Regional Finals will go to the National Finals. We'll see 4 teams go head to head in the finals as they fight for the prize pool and, of course, to prove their skills.

National Interschool Cyber League d.png

All images in this post are clipped from YEP's Facebook Page
As I have said earlier, this tournament was brought to us by Youth Esports Program which encourages school organizations to join them as partners and gain perks from as a member. The National Interschool Cyber League is their latest work and intends to further promote esports in our country.

Is this the start of bigger major esports tournament in our country? We'll see. But for now, stay out of fire. Supah high level tactic remember? Nah, just joking. Prepare your school squad as tomorrow will mark the first day of registration. See you at the tournament and we wish you all good luck, Valorants!