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Aug 15, 2017
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What is this? Is this a new Ragnarok Game?
Actually this is still the Ragnarok 1 that you loved to play, We just used the latest features from kRO, jRO and iRO plus added some good custom stuff.

Why host another server?, There are a lot of Private Servers already.
Well, its true that there are a lot of RO Private Server but even if those server offers the same features, there are still a lot of differences between them,
and that includes us. We offer latest features from official server plus less lag for filipino people, you can see the features of our server below.

Why "Tales of the new Age"?, Is That a new Episode from RO?
Actually its not, we call it "Tales of the new age" because it pertains to new players that will play today and to people who will come back to play again creating new memory and story ingame. Our current Server Episode is Episode 16.2 Terra Gloria

So What are the rates?
  • EXP : x10
  • JOB EXP : x10
  • DROP : x10
  • CARD : x3

Is the rates kinda low for a private server?
Well for some yes, but for some its not and it is challenging. We want the players to value their character and their stay in the game so that we also value the life of the server itself. No worries we have feature called "Dynamic Rates" which will be explained below

"What is Dynamic Rates?"
We have this kind of system where in our base EXP and Drop Rates increases depends on the online user/count so if there are a lot of players from x10 it will increases more. Aside from that LUK from our server affects the drop rate also

Are there any Starter/Booster Pack for Newbies?
Yes we do have a lot of starting item that will boost your leveling, and hunting experience

So. What are you other features?
Basically we just implemented what official kRO, jRO and iRO did. and we have a good custom features too please see below
  • Achievement System
  • Banking System
  • Navigation System
  • RO Dex (Mail Express)
  • New Prontera Map
  • New Class Rebellion
  • New Race Doram
  • Full Quest System
  • Battlegrounds
  • Alternate Outfits
  • Costume System
  • Title System
And Many More.

What is that custom Features that you implemented?
Well, Its an option system where in items/equipments that is drop by monster has options like items in diablo or MU Online. Each item may have a random chance of 1-3 options per item. and each options may have a random combination of 80,000 Combinations of effects. See the good example below

So how can i join you?
Just join us on our Facebook Group below


Thank you and spread the word!