PS3 Jailbreak FAQ-The Details

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This post was copy pasted from one of my hacking articles on my facebook:

PS3 Jailbreaking-Facts you have to know.
Why does jailbreaking costs about 3,000-5,000 pesos when the hacker only downloads a program,places it on a USB then extact it to the PS3 system? same goes to a PSP on the old days where we have to spend 500 pesos just to upgrade/downgrade to a custom firmware of our desired choice to play games that reqires a specific cfw?(nxt episode will be about PSP hacking)

No,not really,its not that easy unless you know what you're doing.Just keep in note that my tutorials and guides is for beginners who are new or interested to hear,at least.Now I will briefly what jailbreaking does and how it works.My words might be illiterate to experts on the field,oh well its based on my self-knowledge and experience as always.

Jailbreaking is not the same process of Android rooting.Yes,not all kinds of jailbreak are dealing with unlocking iPhones.Because today,we are breaking the PS3's entire hardware,not just the software.But Cedie,why do we have to open its hardware? You said a while ago that jailbreaking iPhones or iPads doesnt require opening its parts and just simply download Pangu USB Jailbreaker via PC?

The hardware should not actually be a part of the whole process actually.But when Sony caught hackers,they decided to patch it over time and increased security or encryption technology until it is difficult or impossible to break.This is why,if ur PS3 is on 3.55 or below(Year 2010 update if i can remember) you dont have to inject or insert an e3 flasher to downgrade then jb a PS3.You just have download the file instantly.When 3.56 came out,hackers are finding alternative methods.

So Chieko,what is an e3 flasher? What happens if my PS3 is jailbroken?
-An e3 flasher is a separate device that costs about 5,000 pesos.Its very small,portable and light.Mainly used for programmers and developers of some sort but its multi-purpose.For the PS3,it is used to inject 3rd party Linux shell code to gain access of the PS3's "internal" system and operate things that Sony wont allow you to do,and that is having access to free games and mod them.Once you PS3 is hacked.The security code or protocol that restricts you from placing downloaded games into the hard drive will now grant your permission to the system to read the package files or pkg,a file format used for ps3 like apk of the android.Also lets you install homebree apps,apps that Sony didnt official develop.They are essential for controlling your PS3 hardware like cooling fan speed control.This is how jailbreak is defined.You cant jailbreak if you are not on 3.55 or below.That is why you HAVE to downgrade first.

Chieko,is it true that all models of SuperSlims and few latest models of slim CEH-4xxxx is impossible to jb? -Unfortunately,yes.There is NO way,even if an e3 flasher should be involved.See the full list of all models on a jailbreak forum.Sony spent a lot to hire security and anti-piracy experts to make hacking even more difficult.Because there is no system that is perfect.PS3 is getting old but they are rare 3.55 sold around ebay.If its a phat version then it is prone to overheating,but it is more common to find than slim ones.

Chieko,So why do i still see modders and hackers online? And claim their PS3 isnt jailbroken?
-Thats a lie! Because mods change the "internal" value and algorithm of the game.If you arent jailbroken then it is impossible to modify especially playing on an online session of GTA/Call of Duty.Unless thats on single player,where you have to edit a game save that doesnt require a jailbroken PS3

So how did these modders play online on a hacked ps3?
-Once your jailbroken,you are no longer entitled to access PSN,even if your downgraded to 3.55.Because you have to be on the latest version to sync with other players to avoid mismatch.An online spoofer is used to trick PSN that you are actually on the latest version.The drawbacks of this is you have to wait a couple of days till the hacker realeases a spoofer that corresponds the latest firmware.

Cedie,why wont Sony ban them?
-They do ban.But the problem is they use a program which is only made to detect sudden change of values in-game such as sudden increase of money or exp.And is program could be deflected by using a history cleaner,VPN service and ghosting.They are homebrew apps.

What are DEX/CEX?
-DEX are for developers,which means you have more in-depth options and tweaks on your PS3 while CEX is like the "friendly" version of a jailbroken PS3.You can switch these modes anytime.

So what exactly are the risks of jailbreaking a ps3?
-First things is first,your warranty would be void.In reverse-enginering,risks will never cease away.They always exist unless you are careful,or worse your ps3 might be bricked.since you are injecting a 3rd party code that should not be there.Rare cases,such as sudden power loss or interruptions during the process will more likely kill your ps3.Is it worth it? yes if you are patient and willing to explore,then you could possibly save thousands of pesos from buying over priced games.

The 3-5k cost of jailbreak service is worth it?
In my opinion its not.It's overpriced even if I mentioned that jailbreaking is not easy.It should be about 500-1000 considering the technician gives you few games on bundle.One game costs about 100.Or you can download in the torrent

Is this illegal? Yes,certainly this is piracy especially if you commerce and make money out of it.But for us reverse-enginneers/IT boys we call it development of security awareness.
Im writing all of this on a phone,if you observe type errors then correct.
I am not offering any jailbreak service now.I traded-in my PS3 for a PS4.However,I am still interested in answering your requestions.


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