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Nov 14, 2015
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I've been following such loud buzzes around the net regarding the development of a new version of the PS4 dubbed as PS4.5. An upgrade on the GPU and RAM to render 4K 60FPS, which is the main target of the company, due to all the bitching's that the PS4 is received from the bloody pc gamers that the console is under power graphically speaking. Also according to some game developers the PS4's GPU cant cope up with what they want to implement so they have to to make some tweaks to achieve their plan, and the result is still mid-range PC graphics. The news first came from KOTAKU, Sony held a conference with the different game developers for their console regarding the said project. As per rumor there are two possibilities that Sony might arrive with:

1. Its a totally new console with a different system, its possible games cannot be rendered by the current PS4.
PROS: Good graphics
CONS: Will definitely be pricey ($1000K+)

2. A modular type of upgrade, An approach much similar to PC system. Like the rumors that XB1 will implement.
PROS: We'll be able to keep our precious consoles and just head to Sony and go for the upgrade.
CONS: None, its a win-win situation

Hopefully Sony will not just ditch the current PS4 system like what Nintendo did to the 3DS. An approach which the big cellphone companies are doing right now, a new unit every year. If that will be the case then a lot of people will be pissed to Sony. But if what others say will be true that 4K in 60FPS is far to achieve, then thats gonna be so ok. Lets pray that the development of this new system will be the next gen PS5 and not the dream killer PS4.5
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Sep 18, 2014
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Will have to wait, if new games will not support the original ps4 then ill i hate them for it


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Dec 21, 2015
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Goddamnit, imo just wait till it releases and don't go all ballistic and shiz.

All of this are speculations until an official news comes up. But definitely a newer version of PS4 is on the way not like it's something new to sony's work.

imo, if you want the VR experience then get the new one, otherwise just continue playing without it. simple as that.

In my personal experience, was about to get the Batman Edition until I heard this official one. So more time to earn more $$$ till its official release and i'm personally thankful to be patient enough not to get one kase I', still playing on my PC rig most of the time.