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Aug 14, 2019
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CnCLeveling the Affordable and Safety Leveling Service

Service - NA/EU/SEA/TURKEY and PS4

-Why us?

(1)-Safety affordable Satisfaction and good Relationship are main Priority for our valued customers providing you the Best Service

(2)-100% Hand Made no Bots any Cheat Etc. We don't Do Things to Damage and Jeopardize your Account

(3)-We Sent you an Update every 8-10 Hours Via ScreenShot

(4)-Special Discounts On Returning Customers

(5)-We are composed of Professional player Working and Give you the Best Service 24/7

(6)-Stop and Play Process is Applied We can off your account if you need to use and We Play again if you have done to Continue Your Order

(7)-Once in Game, We Won't Chat/Whisper/Message to Other Character We will Focus on the Order and Finish it as Quickly as Possible and also Once Order is done Complete, You will be Notified Directly.

(8)-Limited Slot Only, Since We want to Focus On Every Order and Provide Quality Service.

Service Done Well depends on your character But we can assure you that it will be faster than you expect and additional bonuses will be given to our valued customers.

For more info Kindly Contact our FB Page-Discord-Skype or Gmail :)

#Discord: CnCLeveling#5184

#Skype : CnCLeveling

#Gmail : [email protected]

#Fb Page: CnCLeveling