PS4 Philippines Hardware Troubleshooting PS4 


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May 6, 2015
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During the lifetime of my playstation i have encountered several problems to its hardware here the scenarios nad solutions

Continuous Beeping
Thats right my playstation keeps on beeping all of a sudden, upon inspecting i found out that the button of eject keeps being pressed.

The problem is at the bottom rubber you will need to press down the console or fix the rubber itself, there is no permanent solution for me so everytime it keeps beeping i push the console downwards to align the rubber grip.

Disc Continuous Ejecting
Yep its not accepting any discs initially i just had to buy all digital from the point onwards this problem occurs however similar to the continuous beeping the solution is simple you will need to the Continuous Beeping Fix then restart the console.

If you have additional problems or solutions kindly share in the community

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