PS4 Price Cut, Xbox One Tops October


Sep 21, 2014
In the United states the best selling console for 2015 is Play Station 4 since its launch, But it was different in October 2015 because Xbox One was the best selling console for that month. Play Station 4 prizes have been cut since then , despite the Xbox One Topping October 2015.

Sales in the US during October, The NPD Group released its monthly report. While Microsoft said in their statement that Xbox One came out on top, which includes specific values and figures for the specific hardware,

Considering the PS4 dropped its price for the first time in October matching it with the cheapest on the line the Xbox One for only 350$,

Nintendo didn't discuss the performance of its hardware, but did highlight a few other areas of its business. Amiibo sales topped 9 million in the US, thanks to more than 800,000 Amiibo figures and cards being sold during October. Wii U software sales were up 40 percent year-over-year, and are up 20 percent when comparing the first ten months of 2015 with the same period during 2014.
source via gamespot