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    Use the headphone with mic included in the box or a PS4 camera.

    Press L2 or say "PlayStation" access the voice command menu. Most of these commands require you to be at the Home Screen for them to work. The screenshot and video commands are possibly the only exceptions to that.

    PlayStation = Activates listen mode. Other voice commands may be used once this is activated. You can also press L2 if you are already on the Home Screen to bypass saying "PlayStation".

    Take Screen Shot = Takes screenshot. Does not require Home Screen.

    Save Video Clip = Saves the next 15 minutes of gameplay (or 1, 3, 5, or 10 mins if configured). Does not require Home Screen.

    Save Video Clip = Saves the last 15 minutes of gameplay (or 1, 3, 5, or 10 mins if configured) or ends current recording (such as one started with "start video clip" voice command). Does not require Home Screen.

    Home Screen = Return to Home Screen. Being at the Home Screen is required before most voice commands can be used.

    Start = Starts game or application.

    Yes = Confirm, such as when closing one app to launch a new one.

    Cancel = Cancel as above.

    Back = Back to the previous screen.

    [game name] = Selects a game by name. Often, only part of the name is needed (e.g. "Infamous" or "Second" will select inFAMOUS: Second Son).

    [app name] = Selects an app that you have already installed. You can often use a shortened version of the name

    Music Unlimited = Select the Music Unlimited app

    Video Unlimited = Select The Video Unlimited app

    Internet Browser = Select the Internet Browser app

    Library = Select the Library section

    Live from PlayStation = Select the Live From PlayStation section

    T.V. and Video = Select the T.V. & Video section

    What's New = Select the What's New section

    Power = Enter logoff menu screen

    Turn off PS4 = (from logoff menu screen) Power off PS4

    Enter Standby Mode = (from logoff menu screen) Standby

    Log In = Enter switch user menu. Say "User" and the user's number in the list(e.g. "User 1") to change user.

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