PS4 Won't enter Safe Mode PS4 


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Jul 9, 2017
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Left the Ps4 in rest mode to download games. When I woke up saw the the orange light blinking, tried using the controller but it did not work. I also tried holding the power button but it did not turn off so I had to pull off the plug. When I turned it back on, the controller/s(Yes I tried other controllers) can no longer be recognized. Tried resetting the controlling but it still did not work, Had this problem a month ago and was able to resolve it by rebuilding the system through safe mode, however I can no longer enter safe mode. When I hold the power button I just end up shutting it down. No 2nd beep on the 7th/8th second of holding the power button. It only beeps again when it shuts down the system.

Any ideas on how I can enter safe mode or make the controller/s work again? For the controller issue, I already tried a lot of options provided online but still ended up with the same problem.