PS4/Xbox one advice needed please.


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Oct 1, 2018
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Need some advice regarding PS4 or XBOX One in the Philippines.

I am a British guy that has lived in the Philippines for the past 8 years.

Thinking of buying either a PS4 or Xbox One for me and the family for Christmas this year and have a few questions.

The last time I owned a console was before I come here many years ago - the PS3 which was sold before i made the move. So I may be a little out of touch with how things work now.

  1. Can I play online with either console? I heard there is no PSN network here and not sure about Xbox One too. If I cannot play online I will not buy either. If I can play online, how do I go about it? Do I need to connect to different regions etc?

  2. Do I need to pay subscriptions to play online? I heard about Live Gold on Xbox and PS Plus - how much do these cost for a year and how do I go about paying for them? I do not have a credit card but do have a local debit card, is that enough or will I have other ways to pay?

  3. Which is the cheapest for games or are they similar?
If someone could answer some of the above for me I would greatly appreciate it. Once I have all the information, it will simply come down to the typical Playstation vs Xbox arguments as to which I choose. PS4 is slightly winning in that regard with me.

Also, my tagalog is not that great, only understand a 'conti lan' :) So would prefer answers in English if possible.

Thanks in advance.