Featured PS4's Nioh Receives New DLC Today

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    PS4 game's Dark souls esque action game Nioh has been launched for around six months, but if you've been wanting a reason to return to it, there's some good news today. Nioh's Defiant Honor DLC pack is available now and adds new enemies, weapons, and more. The major additions in Defiant Honor. Chief among them is Sanada Yukimura, a new samurai that you can fight.


    Defiant Honor costs $10 / £10 on the PlayStation Store, but it's free if you own the season pass. This is the second DLC pack for the game; the first, Dragon of the North, launched back in May. There's a third pack in the works, called Bloodshed's End, but Team Ninja hasn't said anything about it yet.

    source via PSN Blog
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    wow this one is cool :)

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