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This post was orignally made from my facebook note
Summer Boredom of Randomness-The Art of Hacking part 2.
Today we are discussing about the most successful portable gadget that has been made throughout the gaming history.The PSP,for me,is one of the greatest handheld console that should never be forgotten,even if it is officially dead and no longer supported by Sony.So why are we talking about the PSP? What is the point when even 3rd party developers are seldom tackling the traditional development and rarely we see people play it? Its already 2016.The answer is,the PSP has been a great fundamental for me.It taught me the basics and understanding of video-game hacking.I really recommend readers out there who are interested in hacking.Its not too late,but trust me,a PSP is a great tool of learning.When I was on Grade 5,my mom bought a PSP and I got addicted playing the overrated games like Tekken 6 ,GTA:Vice City Storties and Liberty which was also the top-trend on our school that time.However,I was a total ignorant on how these things work.But I was lucky enough to have a little knowledge that I can get free games by downloading or at least spend 50 pesos per game instead of a hefty 1,000 pesos of a UMD game.But paying 500 pesos to upgrade/downgrade to a desired custom firmware to play the latest games is overpriced.

And technicians in iTech on Ayala is just laughing on you.This is how i began my first days of the hacking journey.A PSP without a custom firmware is useless as a brick.A custom firmware allows you to download and install games directly to the memory stick.You can also install homebrew apps which are essential like gameboy and DS emulators.Having a hacked PSP,you can tweak and modify its performance on your own desire.

On my previous post about PS3 Jailbreak.Flashing a CFW on a PSP results the same way.You are injecting a 3rd party code that Sony isn’t allowing you to do.CFWs are made by hackers who are into PSP development,they add some lines of codes to improve the PSP overall life which is not intended for an official firmware to do so.
So the PSP i got was a 3k model.It was the latest and it has a different method that doesnt apply with phat versions and the “standard” 2k version.This is why I was having a stressful and difficult time studying custom firmware for my version.Because it is not permanent like those of a 2k.When my PSP is unintentionally turned off.The games suddenly wont show up on the XMB menu,and I have to scroll-down to the photos to flash the .hen file which has a small chance of running.Sometimes,it would even be impossible to flash the chickhen file due to numerous amount of failed attempts.I have to reset my settings which is really annoying.That time,I dont understand why 2k users are so lucky that they just have to run a file then their games will show up instantly and I have a different method of reaching the recovery menu.So my curiosity aroused and I spent my nights researching in the field of 3k hacking and finally I was able to successfully flash a 6.60 PRO-B series which is universal and happily it worked for my model.It was also permanent,when my PSP is unintentionally turned off,I wont have a problem restoring back my games and that annoying chickhen.

Before I discovered the permanent cfw for my PSP.I went to variety of trial and errors.For the love of god my PSP didn’t get bricked after millions of failed attempts.The “5.03 Promethius GEN-C” custom firmware was the 2nd attempt of my journey.But again,it was temporary,well at least the chickhen R2 did have a higher chance rate of restoring the games back.I have a cheat device or a mod menu installed on my GTA:VCS.Some mods wont work if I use the GEN-C,so I have to switch to the other GEN-D which some mods wont also work.When I use few of the mods my PSP will freeze,so I have to make switches on CFW which is stressful.Then when 6.60 came,most mods are working just fine.Also,few games wont work on GEN-C that works on GEN-D3 and vice-verse.Then 6.60 came again,all of them worked.

So what do I conclude in general? Use a 6.60! it may be a B9 or a B10 it doesnt really matter.Because this firmware version is the most stable so far(until now) and it works on all models.I also recommend you to buy a PSP-3000 if you are on nostalgia now or you have a PSP-2000 before that easily got broke.It has a higher volume capacity,increased brightness,most especially,better hardware performance which prevents sudden loss of frame rates on graphic-demand games like GTA and some other racing games.Why do I recommend a PSP to be a vital tool of learning fundamentals in hacking and video-game console reverse-engineering? Because it is fairly easy and there are limitless reliable sources on hacking forums,without exposing yourself in higher risks,most especially it is fun!
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