PUBG 12.2 Massive update finally includes Miramar Remaster and new weapons and vehicles

Update 12.1, one of the most critical patches of 2021 thus far, is now available for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Aside from fresh content, the update appears to be prepared to change the way players play PUBG by offering new modes, tools, and ways of transportation. Although the complete list of PUBG 12.1 changes is lengthy, there are a few highlights that every player should be aware of.

For competitive players, the update ushers in Season 12 ranked play as well as a slew of other improvements behind the scenes. A remedy for the game's reputation system is one of the most important: Players should not be penalized for false reports because reputation points are no longer removed for temporary bans connected to cheating. Cheating is still punishable by a lifetime ban. Meanwhile, the team invites now include the option to examine someone's profile.


The update's main focus, according to official PUBG patch notes, is a revamp of Miramar, the game's second map, which was published in December 2017. The update not only enhances lighting, texture, and model detail, but it also declutters some places to enhance flow, makes it clear which cliffs cannot be scaled, and adds Sandstorm and Dusk climates to Challenger Mode. The two-person Quad ATV is a new vehicle, and supplies like jammer packs, decoy grenades, and emergency parachutes have been imported from previous maps. Players now have fewer aircraft available for an emergency pickup, with a 90-second cooldown between each. It's a waste of time to use the pickup pack before a plane is ready.

The semi-automatic Lynx AMR is a new weapon linked with the map. It's been dubbed "PUBG's first anti-material rifle." The 50 caliber bullets are believed to be capable of blowing out bikes in a single shot and causing considerable damage to BRDMs, including piercing their windows. The weapon is presently limited to five rounds without reloads for balance concerns, and may only be scavenged from Miramar care packages in Normal battles.


Bots in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi have all been enhanced. They should now be more careful with cover and grenades, and they will also jump out of the plane at the start. PUBG has also received improved local and server speed, lobbies with soccer balls, and a sophisticated weapon skin upgrading system that needs G-Coin. The inclusion of a right-click PC menu when viewing accessories, making it easier to equip and swap goods, is a welcome respite for those who generally shun DLC.

The following items have been added to the Miramar loot table:
  • Jammer Packs
  • Decoy Grenades
  • Emergency Parachutes

Terrain Updates
  • Cliff Updates

  • Foliage Update

  • Lighting Updates

  • Building and Object Updates

  • Map Flow

Introducing the BATTLESTAT Exchange Kit! Swap kill counter progress from one BATTLESTAT skin to another.


  • Transfer the current kill count from one BATTLESTAT skin to another BATTLESTAT skin.
  • Only available to use with two BATTLESTAT skins which are the same weapon, tier, and counter-type.
  • This item is consumed upon use.
  • Unable to be used with Progressive Skins.
New Vehicle – Quad
The Quad is an off-road vehicle with four low-pressure tires and a driver seat designed to be straddled by the operator, with handlebars for steering control, with room on the back for a teammate. Modeled after a racing-style ATV, get ready to explore the Battlegrounds on this all-terrain monster we call the Quad.


  • Seats: 2
  • Health: 750
  • Maximum Speed: 110 km/h (125 km/h at maximum boost)
  • Maximum Range: 24.4 km (18.5 km at maximum boost)
  • Only spawns on Miramar.
  • Will be added to in Custom Matches and Training Mode in a future update.
Weapon Skin Upgrade System
Introducing the Weapon Skin Upgrade System. Level-up your weapon skins and add new features and styles to your weapon; keep an eye out for Contraband Crates in store (purchasable with G-Coin). Materials used to upgrade skins can be purchased or found with a low probability via certain crates purchasable with BP and through community events.


Contraband Crate
  • Crates can be purchased 200 G-Coin each or bought as a pack of 10 for 1,800 G-Coin.
  • Unboxing gives a chance to acquire the following weapon skins or materials:
  • Upgradable weapon skins
  • Ordinary weapon skin, special grade or above (Special, Rare, Elite, Epic)
  • Schematics (Material)
  • Polymer (Material)
  • 10 Contraband Coupons are required to open a crate.
  • 10 Scrap can be acquired from opening Contraband Crates using G-Coin. Scrap can be used to purchase items from the Scrap Broker.