PUBG 2021 Dev Plan includes Miramar Remaster and new 8x8 Maps and Respawns

The first portion of PUBG's 2021 Dev Plan has been released, showing that this year will see a remaster of Miramar, the addition of respawns, and the release of two new 8x8 maps, Codename: Tiger and Codename: Kiki.

Dave Curd, PUBG's creative director, highlighted how 2021 builds on PUBG's challenging yet rewarding 2020. PUBG was able to debut three new Battlegrounds: Karakin, Paramo, and Haven, despite the pandemic and all of the challenges that came with it. Vikendi and Sanhok were also reworked, and Team Deathmatch and Ranked Mode were released.


Miramar is one of the early objectives for 2021, according to Curd, and while its enhancements will be more aesthetic in nature, the team is also implementing tweaks that will make gaming on PUBG's second-ever map more thrilling.

"Miramar has always enjoyed this kind of place in our fan's heart for its rugged, off-road, inhospitable terrain, and the wide-open spaces that make it open season for snipers," Curd said. "Miramar is really good as it is. So what we wanted to do was give it the updated visuals."

New weather settings will be available for clear, overcast, dawn, and sunset. The interiors of buildings will be relit to make them more realistic, and the ground textures will be changed to improve the initial impression.

The removal of trash from in front of windows, which previously prevented "very awesome peeping gunfights or simple vaulting out of windows," is one example of gameplay modifications. Because "players don't enjoy seeing spherical, coke bottle forms that kind of seem like pills at first glance but aren't," a lot of clutter has been eliminated.

The crew has also shuttered a few of the windows in buildings that are 3-5 floors high, such as those in Los Leones. "We've discovered that when gamers look up and see 16 jet-black holes and don't know where the sniper is, they become a bit too excited. So we're attempting to close a few more of those windows, luring players into town with the knowledge that they don't need to be the finest sharpshooter in the world to call out targets "Curd expresses himself.

A new sniper known as the Lynx AMR (Lynx Anti-Material Rifle) will also be released. This is a crate-only weapon with just 5 rounds and a low spawn rate, yet it can vaporize a player or blow up a vehicle with just a few bullets. Curd even suggested that it can break through the windshield of a BRDM and shoot a player who is typically well-protected.

While the Quad and Lynx AMR initially only be accessible on Miramar, Curd stated that if people enjoy them sufficiently, they may be added to other maps.

About Miramar’s Overhaul


  • Miramar is undergoing a complete service tune-up that will make it a visual feast while also increasing the efficiency of our deadly desert.
  • We'll be launching a much broader remastering of Miramar with Update 12.1, taking into consideration many of the new elements we've employed on our newer maps, such as lighting, performance, graphical fidelity, terrain, and, of course, special features.
  • Terrain, building textures, and layouts will all undergo significant alterations. There's also simpler navigation thanks to the elimination of needless obstructions, as well as improved cliffs to promote vertical fighting.
  • Keep a watch out for additional details on Miramar's remaster, which will be released on the live server shortly.
Codename: Tiger

Tiger will have all of the Battlegrounds features you've come to expect, with one major exception: the opportunity to return to the combat after an initial defeat. This is a feature that has grown very prevalent in the Battle Royale genre, and it's one we've had a lot of questions about, particularly when it comes to duos and squads. If you've been paying attention, you'll notice that we've been experimenting with what it looks like to respawn on a Battleground recently, and Tiger is a significant reason for it.


Codename: Kiki
We plan to release another 8x8 map, presently known as Kiki, in late 2021/early 2022. Kiki will take place in a variety of settings, including strange underground labs, huge skyscrapers, swampland, subways, and underwater structures. In our most diverse and exploration-focused Battleground yet, we're looking at a variety of locales to delight and challenge survivors. Kiki's planning is still in its early stages, but we'll have more details later this year.