PUBG at NetEase Lawsuit Settled, Team Liyab AoV Coach Fired, NCAA eSports and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about PUBG VS NetEase Lawsuit that is now Settled, Team Liyab AoV Coach Fired, NCAA eSports and List of Schools participating, Razer Mobile Phones, Gwent Mobile, Borderlands 3, then finally Black Desert Mobile Global release

PUBG VS NetEase Lawsuit Settled

  • If you remember previously PUBG sued NetEase because according to PUBG, NetEase copied elements on their games specifically Knives Out and Rules of Survival
  • but recently according to McArthur Law Firm both PUBG and Netease have officially come into agreements
  • so basically the lawsuit is settled in the recent court order
  • pos na ang away, peace na
  • But if you don't remember this is what happened
  • Before the release of PUBG Mobile, Pubg Corp sued Netease due to copyright infringements
  • this is due the similarities and likeness of their game
  • According to PUBG, the overall look, feel, and audio visual style for Knives out and Rules of Survival closely mimicked PUBG
  • they claimed to netease that this is “unlawful, unfair, and fraudulent”
  • they even shared screenshots of the similarities
  • actually pate ung frying pan pinag awayan nila
  • So what did netease do?
  • well they said that a single company cannot monopolize the entire “battle royale” genre
  • they even said that PUBG’s suit is a “shameless attempt” to use the copyright law to monopolize and block real competition
  • then PUBG countered again
  • stating the following
  • Defendants’ attack on PUBG’s complaint is baseless
  • and added that PUBG is not seeking to monopolize the battle royale genre
  • but wait there's more
  • because NetEase also started filing lawsuit on other games whom they deemed are clones of their battle royale mobile games
  • so in short
  • etease was sued by pubg then netease countered lawsuit then netease started suing other mobile battle royale games
  • ang gulo diba
  • owever as we mentioned the court order say this is now settled
  • it's currently unknown on what their agreements are
  • maybe NetEase paid Pubg who knows? will keep you updated once we more info
  • but what do you think let us know in the comments!

Team Liyab AoV Coach Fired

  • in a recent facebook post, Liyab eSports revelead that they fired their AoV Coach “JeeJay San Jose Ordiales or ”Peaceboy”
  • here is their official statement
  • “ This is to announce that we are officially relieving JeeJay San Jose "Peaceboy" Ordiales of his duties as a member of Team Liyab’s coaching staff after his admission of violating a key provision in his service contract with the team.”
  • why did this happen?
  • Well according to Team Liyabs initial investigation Peaceboy was found to be directly involved with another team other than Team Liyab while in the Globe PPGL AOV Tournament
  • So here is the additional statement of team liyab regarding the matter
  • - “We are also conducting a thorough investigation on the incident. The management of Team Liyab will not tolerate unethical and unprofessional conduct by any of its members that will tarnish the reputation of the team.”
  • sad

NCAA eSports

  • The National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA in the Philippines will be having an eSports
  • according the Wargod Pro Gaming Arena Post the demo day will happen on March 28 at MOA Vip lounge
  • based from their promo material the Ncaa esports event will have Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends
  • They also mentioned in the post that there will be 2 categories, male and female respectively
  • As for the participating schools, here is the list
    • Arellano University (Official)
    • Colegio de San Juan de Letran
    • De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
    • Emilio Aguinaldo College
    • José Rizal University
    • Mapúa University
    • Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila
    • San Sebastian College ~ Manila
    • University of Perpetual Help System DALTA - Las Piñas
    • and San Beda University
  • currently the proposed start of the season will be on June 2019
  • so who will be the team you're going to support
  • comment below in the comments

Razer Mobile Phones
  • Razer recently announced that its taking a step back from creating mobile hardware
  • rip razer phones
  • according to razer they will focus more on software
  • so why software?
  • they said that the software is holding back the platform
  • is this true i have no idea i have no money to purchase razer phones
  • or maybe its because the sales are low who knows
  • So what's their next move?
  • recently razer teams up with tencent to create a new mobile platform that will eliminate hacking
  • yep thats it

Gwent Mobile

  • According to Gwents official website
  • the card game Gwent is coming to mobile this year on iPhone while the android version release date will be announced later
  • hopefully sooner? well lets hope so
  • this is what CD Project Red said
  • “We’ve been preparing long and hard to adapt GWENT to smartphones”
  • exciting
  • what do you think let us know the comments!

Borderlands 3
  • Recently in the 2019 Pax Panel, Gearbox Software finally revealed its upcoming game Borderlands 3!
  • and oh boy they went all out
  • as the game trailer showcase characters from past borderlands game even the telltale game tales from borderland
  • and for the loot? well there are over 1 billion guns to find actually there's even a gun with legs
  • kaso rip Scooter
  • along with the announcement on April 3 borderlands remastered will come for free for the owners of borderlands 1, 2 and the pre sequel
  • it will now have 4k ultra hd pack
  • as for borderlands 3 unfortunately there is no release date mention but regardless we are hype as the one of the original looter shooter is back!

Black Desert Mobile
  • After a successful launch in Taiwan and Japan
  • Pearly Abyss is now planning to release Black Desert mobile globally this year
  • to those who don't know the game is an adaptation the pc mmorpg black desert online
  • the game is known for stunning graphics
  • and bouncing physics if you know what i mean
  • because the game has a very intense character creation
  • basically you can make your own kpop character that have a huge heart
  • As for the mobile release date? well there is not mentioned yet but since its a global release
  • we can expect this to be in english