Featured PUBG dev’s next game is a steampunk MMO called Ascent: Infinite Realm

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    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developer Bluehole has a lot more up its sleeve than just battle royale games. The studio's latest project is a massive departure from PUBG in both tone and genre. Bluehole has combined elements of both steampunk and high fantasy to create a new MMORPG called Ascent: Infinite Realm.


    Published by Kakao Games, Ascent: Infinite Realm (“AIR” for short) will feature "Realm vs. Realm" aerial and ground combat, which divides players into preset realms and allows them to go to battle with each other for control of in-game assets. This kind of combat, rooted in controlling more resources than the enemy, channels a similar competitive nature to PUBG, which is likely one of the things Bluehole is banking on.

    source via Polygon

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