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May 12, 2019
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Practicing gun skills depends on this, Bootcamp is a good place to get kills! The Bootcamp is at the center of the Sanhok, with a variety of resources, even 6x scope and level 3 helmets are easily collected here. This also leads to the Bootcamp becoming a popular landing area. Therefore, if you make full use of the benefits of the terrain, it is very easy to collect the kills and resources! Next, let's take a closer look!

Peripheral warehouse - it is more secure to land here, no need to worry about the weapons in early stage!
As a Gunslinger favorite spot, the Bootcamp has entered a fierce battle stage in the very beginning. If the landing site is not appropriate, it is easy to land as a box. It is recommended that the buddies choose the three large warehouses (north of the Bootcamp) as the first drop location.

The warehouse area is large and has various resources, making it easier for the buddies to arm themselves in a short time. There are many bunkers in the warehouse, even if the mate is chased by the enemy, we can adopt evasive tactic to hide behind the bunker. Since the warehouse is in a relatively peripheral area, few people will land here, so that the buddy has sufficient time to arm himself. In order to survival in the warehouse, the buddies use a submachine gun with a fast rate of fire and a high hit rate. For example, the Thompson submachine gun and UMP9 are good choices.

Ambient wilderness - the best place for long distance sneak attacks
The center of Bootcamp is relatively densely populated with buildings, while the outer area is a large undeveloped rain forest. The boulder, grass and trees are scattered all over the place, which makes the buddies hide in the outer area more concealed. The buddy use this as a cover to surprise attack the enemy far, even if the enemy is equipped with a variety of high-magnification scopes, it is extremely difficult to find the buddy in time.

At the same time, there are two mountains outside of the Bootcamp. If the squad is equipped with a sight of 4 times or more, and the boulders and trees on the hillside are used as a shooting bunker, the main points of the Bootcamp can be easily included the fire range and getting kills will be easier. But the buddy should also pay attention to reducing frequent running in the wild to avoid being targeted by the enemy from a long distance.

Corner of the house - the enemy is a difficult to escape!

The intensive building inside the Bootcamp provides an excellent opportunity for all kinds of street fighting. A buddy can shoot at a small angle with the wall of the building as soon as the enemy enters the field of view. The small angle provides a strong shooting safety protection for the buddy, making the kills collection more efficient.

At the same time, the denser buildings need to carry a lot of grenades, and in the relatively narrow aisles, a grenade can make a clean sweep of the enemies that have gathered together. In a building-intensive Bootcamp, when the squad is searching, try to choose the dead angle of the fire attack as a hidden point to avoid being directly killed by multiple enemy firepower points.

The location of the roof – besides resources, the key here is easy to defend!

The most central building of the Bootcamp features the highest point of the whole. The three-story building structure makes the roof the best location. After hitting the roof, you can attack the main points of the training base. Once the enemy appears, you can shoot at him until a sieve.

The roof of the training base is not only the best place for sniping and slamming, but also the best area for supplement. The stairs are the only access to the roof so it is especially difficult for the enemy to go upstairs.


As a hot spot in the rainforest, in Bootcamp is easy to encounter enemies. If buddies want to eat chicken dinner, it is especially important to find safer shooting points before shooting. It will be better if the buddies can find a silencer. There is no need to worry about the gunshots exposing their fighting position.

To play the hot spot of Bootcamp, the buddy needs to use a more secure peripheral landing point as the preferred landing point, which makes it easier to avoid the fate of becoming a box. In the choice of attack position, it also allows the use of external and internal strategy, in order to succeed with assurance.

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