PUBG Mobile 1.6 update will have new events, in-game features and Vikendi 2.0

One of the most popular upgrades in the game was the PUBG Mobile 1.5 Ignition update. The PUBG Mobile 1.6 update is slated to debut in-game following the success of the 1.5 Ignition upgrade. Vikendi, one of the most popular maps in PUBG Mobile, will make a comeback with this version, no longer in beta. With the PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update, the game will receive a slew of new features and content, including Evo Ground Modes. The forthcoming version 1.6 has been teased by PUBG Mobile. Let's take a look at everything the PUBG Mobile 1.6 update has to offer.


Vikendi 2.0 Map
  • Developers are bringing back the Vikendi map which they took down in the PUBG Mobile 1.3 update. PUBGM Vikendi 2.0 map will be released with this 1.6 update where users can again enjoy the frosty map.
Flora Menace
  • Like the previous update, Krafton is bringing a new mode called Flora Menace which will features abilities like Cell-Matrix, Rejuvenation Barrier, and Dynahex Supplies. This is an amazing feature, players couldn’t wait to try this feature once it available.

Evo ground Modes
  • In the PUBGM 1.6 update, various modes that were removed are coming back to the game. Players always liked to play the Infection mode so the developers are bringing it back. Also, the Payload 2.0 mode and Survive Till Dawn will be seen returning in this update.
A series of messages from the PUBG Mobile team has confirmed that there will be plenty of new content to explore, telling fans online:

“Version 1.6 is headed straight for you, players, and so is the epic Cell-Matrix!

“If only it was that simple, though... Command tells us that a dangerous meteorite is speeding straight to Erangel! Hopefully, you're ready to survive the Yarilo invasion.

“Yarilo are invading Erangel, the Cell Matrix is unleashed, and things are about to get more exciting than ever before! Do you have what it takes to survive in Version 1.6? You'll find out soon!

“The plan would've gone perfectly... Except for one detail. DynaHex was unaware that a robot on the Cell Matrix was infected by the Yarilo... Now Cell Matrix passengers must battle the infected robots to save themselves.”

According to the latest reports, PUBG Mobile update 1.6 will be available to download between Friday, September 10, and Sunday, September 12.

Tencent announced last week that it would deploy the next patch over the coming week, which suggest that it will happen sometime on Saturday morning in the UK

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