PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update features iconic Mechas and new features

Guild of Guardians
Through the latest PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update, it can be observed that the themed gameplay has been significantly enhanced due to the introduction of Mecha Fusion mode, wherein the iconic Mecha robots were added into the battle.

pubg mecha.png

With this new addition, the recently released beta update showcased enormous alien spaceships, new aerial and ground-based robots (mecha), jetpacks for sky-high combat, and the Magnet Gun that players can use to have a strategic advantage in battle.

For anyone unfamiliar with mechas, these are popular characters often seen across anime and science-fiction. Mechas are large robotic machines, often depicted in humanoid form, that are piloted by humans to either use in combat or for heavy-duty tasks.

In the new mode Mecha Fusion, players can command the gigantic robots that will descend into the battlefield from massive alien spaceships. There are two types of mechas that they can command, the mecha that can levitate, allowing aerial movement, or the ground-based models that can run and jump.

Aside from the mechas, the update has also introduced jetpacks that will allow players to fly and also engage in thrilling aerial combat along with levitating mechas. On the other hand, the powerful Magnet Gun was introduced to aid players in defeating opposing mechas from the enemies. Magnet Gun is a specialized weapon that is used to not only attack but to also pull them closer, offering a unique tactical advantage to the player who wants to defeat a mecha.

However, as this was only an initial beta version of the 3.2, expect that there’ll be some bugs and glitches. However, rest assured that the developers will fix all the anomalies in the upcoming update so that fans of the game will have a smooth and polished experience. Stay tuned for more updates!