PUBG Mobile 3.3 Beta Version Update and How to Download

The PUBG Mobile Version 3.3 update will bring tons of new contents, including the new Atlantis Mode, newest X-Suit, new weapon and vehicle, the return of Zombie Mode, and a few in-game adjustments.


The Atlantis theme mode will feature the hidden ruins of the mythical city of Atlantis, where the players will get special abilities like breathing under the water, fist fights, faster swimming speed, and more. After defeating all the opponents in Atlantis, players will get a powerful trident.


Players can use the trident to create water tornadoes, pulling or throwing the enemy targets in any direction. This new mode will feature the giant octopus as well as the stingray fish as a vehicle that can be summoned using the “Ray Core.”.

The giant octopus can be seen already in some places in Erangel and Livik. To enter Atlantis City, it can be done through the portals placed in multiple areas of Erangel.


Additionally, a new AUG A3 gun skin is coming in the 3.3 update, along with a new upgradable suit called Galadria X-Suit based on a female character. The theme of Galadaria is highly based on nature and trees. While still unknown, new mythic outfits are expected to be added to the game.

A new sniper rifle from PUBG PC is coming to PUBG Mobile, the SVD-Dragunov, which can be found only in Erangel. Also, a new hovercraft will be added to the Erangel. It’s speed can reach up to 70–80 km/h, but it will slightly decrease in watery areas.


The fan-favorite Zombie mode is set to rerun, which PUBG Mobile recently hinted on their social media accounts with a poster showing a Zombie-like creature approaching a player. A crescent moon is also visible in the sky, which is more likely to indicate the return of PUBG Mobile’s night mode.

In the same poster, fighter jets are seen flying in the sky in the payload section. It is safe to assume that the fighter jet planes are coming to the payload mode, joining the battle tanks and the modified cars in the current version.

Along with the new contents, PUBG Mobile version 3.3 will also make a few in-game adjustments, including the revamp of the Erangel Map. The update will turn the Stalber area into a technologically advanced place with antennas, weather domes, and space stations.

Meanwhile, the Mylta area will have a new set of buildings, such as barn houses, twin houses, and more. The city will also become less crowded, and a Primorsk-type seashore vibe will be added. There are rumors that a completely new Erangel map called Erangel 3.0 is coming, but it is just pure speculation and hasn't been confirmed yet.

The user interface has been improved for clearer and more intuitive navigation menus. The graphic settings will be enhanced as well with better texture and lighting effects, with rumors of the HDR Extreme feature finally coming to the game.

In addition, the sound design has been improved to provide more realistic and immersive audio cues. Lastly, the players jumping from high altitudes can now deploy their parachutes manually to avoid fall damage.

If you wish to try the PUBG Mobile version 3.3 contents, you may click the provided link below to install the beta test server on your device:
  • 32-bit Download Link
  • 64-bit Download Link
  • After accessing the link, click the Download option on the download page.
  • When the download is complete, open the APK file. Just follow the on-screen instructions to install the game, and the PUBG Mobile beta version will be available on your home screen.
  • Open the application, log in to your account, and you’re done.
Note that the contents of the beta version are not yet final and are subject to changes before their release on the official server. The date of the PUBG Mobile 3.3 version update is not yet confirmed, so stay tuned.