PUBG Mobile Adds Futuristic Erangel, Mission Ignition in Update 1.5

The future has here, and with the all-new Mission Ignition Mode, PUBG MOBILE is at the forefront of the newest technological developments. With the establishment of the Ignition Future League, the big 1.5 update to Tencent's popular battle royale lets players duke it out on a rebuilt Erangel, making the experience more more thrilling.


With its customized point scoring system in the futuristic Erangel's all-new metropolitan region, the Ignition Future League hypes up the Mission Ignition upgrade. The death race will begin on Saturday, July 31st, and will feature version 1.5's new gameplay mechanics, ultra-sleek vehicles, weapon powerhouses, and the high-tech HyperLines transportation network.

The Transit Center, Port of Georgopol, Tech Center, Security Center, Logistics Agency, and Energy Center are among the six new urban districts. All of them are accessible through the EvoGround gate and are the result of DynaHex's choice to use Erangel as an experimental base for their scientific study, changing the terrain into an intense futuristic battleground where anything may happen.

In terms of the League, players may see six creators representing the six new locations of Erangel take on the kill race challenge. Simply simply supporting their side, players may cheer on their favorites and possibly win fantastic rewards.(an iPhone 12 and six Airpod Pros included). The creators will have to visit new areas and even build a Tesla Model Y to rank up within the unique point scoring system.

The PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition mode has caught the attention of the real-world company, which is now engaging in collaboration with the mobile battle royale game. As part of this, there is a brand new location that you can visit on the island that is known as the Tesla Gigafactory.

This will appear on the map, potentially in different locations around the island, and you can visit it for a little minigame of a sort. What you need to do is activate all the switches of the assembly line of the Tesla Gigafactory, and then it will build you a Tesla Model Y vehicle.

Tesla Arrives and MG3 LMG

The Tesla Model Y is unusual in that it has a self-driving capability, which mimics the actual automobile in real life. The game will have an autopilot mode that you can activate on the map's highways to automatically transport players to the locations of pre-set markers, freeing you up to scout for other players.

The Tesla Semi joins the Tesla Model Y, although it is not available for players to get inside. Instead, it will spawn at random along the road and follow predetermined paths. Your mission is to locate it and cause it to drop some supply boxes for you to plunder.


This time around, there's another new gun, but it's the MG3 LMG, which isn't a ground loot. The 7.62mm bullets fired by the light machine gun will have a unique firing mode. Depending on your preferences, it offers both 660 and 990 fire per minute speeds.

When fired prone with a bipod attachment, the recoil is substantially reduced, however this powerful LMG will only spawn in the air drops. The M249 has been removed from the supply drops loot and is now found on the ground in traditional mode.

New PUBG Mobile Features

In version 1.5, PUBG Mobile has additional features. They don't have to be related to the new PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition game mode. Throwable and consumable wheels, for example, have been made simpler to find on a touchscreen by enabling you to quickly swipe for them.

You can also use the fast throw function to toss an object, or you can use the quick wheel throw tool to quickly pick whatever item you wish to throw. You may even toss medicines in close range for your colleagues to grab if they require it.

After a victory in a match, you may now summon a statue to commemorate the occasion, with the team's MVP receiving the honor. Near the triumph statue, special emotes will be accessible. You may also enter picture mode after winning a classic match.


One new feature is that the number indicating how much ammo is remaining in your magazine will change color based on how much is left. When you have 25% ammo, it will become yellow, and when you have 10% ammo, it will turn red.

To make it easier to catch cheaters, the death replay now has a report function. A notice has been added to show when a teammate has entered battle.

To make it easier to catch cheaters, the death replay now has a report function. A notice has been added to show when a teammate has entered battle.

  • Automatic Jump
  • Train (New Vehicle)
  • Air Conveyor Launcher
  • Window Glass
  • Anti Gravity Motorcycle
  • Robot Dogs
  • Upgraded Battleground: Mission Ignition
  • Customized Firearm Settings
  • Throwables Consumables
  • New Firearm MG3
  • Adjustment in M249
  • Glass Window
  • Quick Wheel
  • Evoground: Payload 2.0 removed for maintenance
  • Victory Statue