PUBG Mobile and BGMI might have the Extreme HDR graphics update in the future

Fans of Game for Peace, the Chinese localized version of PUBG Mobile, can look forward to the future updates of the game as the developers will do significant upgrades that will further elevate the player’s gaming experience. PC-level graphics and a new gameplay mode are set to arrive in the game, which is something that can be looked forward to as well by players of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and PUBG Mobile.

game for peace.png

Through leaked footage from beta testing, it was revealed that the visual fidelity of the game will be enhanced through the addition of Extreme HDR graphics setting. The gameplay of the game will be updated as well with the introduction of the new game modes that players will surely enjoy. Note, the aforementioned updates are only scheduled for Game for Peace. As of the moment, it is unknown whether it will be introduced as well for the global version of PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

The ‘Extreme HDR‘ was already present when the game officially released, however, it remained locked across all devices that the game was released in. But now, with the upcoming graphics update, the ‘Extreme HDR‘ will finally be unlocked, which aims to introduce to the players extraordinary details and realism of the game that will elevate their visual experience that is said to match that of PC gaming standards.

Aside from the graphics update, a new Battlefield-like mode will be introduced as well. Through this new mode, large-scale combat scenarios similar to those in traditional battlefield games will be introduced, and players can expect that it will have tanks, jets, and boats.

In addition to all of the information mentioned above, it is worth to note that the Miramar 3.0 is scheduled to have its debut as well. Known as one of the game’s most iconic maps, the revamped Miramar will include new areas that will give players new challenges and strategic opportunities.