PUBG Mobile Bots, PUBG Mobile vs PC, CSGO Negev Buff and Dragon Ball Legends


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Let's talk about PUBG Mobile vs PC, and PUBG Mobile using bots, CS:GO, Negev Buff, Fortnite Replay Tools, and Dragon Ball Legends

PUBG Mobile using BOTs
- A few days ago PUBG Mobile was released officially, bringing the smash hit battle royale on mobile devices
- But the game has already controversies surround it, according to a Kotaku report the game uses BOTs to fill the game with players

PUBG Mobile vs PC
- The game includes autorun, auto loot, and aim assist system in place meaning the best item will always be equipped and for potato aim users the game will now assist you to hit the target faster.
- When you level up a rank is displayed in a flashy way
- There are tons of customization probably for microtransactions
- The graphics have been downgraded to run smoother for mobile, for example, there are no windows on the building, lesser furniture, and lesser fences to hide on.
- You can only use two weapons which is more for the PC
- There is now a flight path before you drop and a counter for how many players are still on the plane
- There is now a mini-map that also displays an indicator where the shots are fired
- And finally squad menu stats after the game

- The Negev receives a slight buff in a CS: GO beta update
- The Negev now has improved accuracy while burst firing and reduced accuracy recovery time.

- Fortnite Battle Royale’s getting built-in replay tools

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary
- Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection will launch on May 29 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC

Dragon Ball Legends
- a new Dragon Ball smartphone game featuring high-quality 3D stages and full character voice-overs