PUBG Mobile brings The Boys to the Battleground to catch the evil Superhero who brought fear to New York City

PUBG Mobile collaborates with Sony Pictures Consumer Products, Sony Pictures Television, and Prime Video to deliver unique content to players. Expect an all-out gun battle mixed with Emmy-nominated subversive superhero series The Boys.

pubg mobile the boys.jpg

“The Boys is a groundbreaking TV series that has forever changed the entertainment industry with its irreverent take on superheroes,” said Anthony Crouts, Senior Director of Marketing for PUBG Mobile. “We always strive to deliver fresh new content to our players and this collaboration gives us the amazing opportunity to integrate real-time elements of The Boys’ new season directly into PUBG Mobile.”

With season 3 of The Boys launching on June 3rd, the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and the series has also already kicked off. Including iconic super suits of Homelander, Starlight, and Soldier Boy, as well as weapon skins, backpacks, unique Supes parachute, and more, players can get these exclusive goods through this collaboration event.

Moreover, on June 8th, players can participate in the “Super Spree” event wherein they can team up with the infamous antihero of The Boys, Billy Butcher. Players along with Billy Butcher, will have to investigate and look for proof of any superhuman wrongdoings as New York City is suddenly gripped by a terrifying series of unexplained killings as disfigured bodies of Wall Street brokers and their clients start to appear.

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The cops have no idea what’s going on, and municipal authorities are seeking answers. Cooperate with characters from The Boys or uncover the truth with your in-game friends to complete each task.

Gather evidence, unlock storylines, and expose the superhero behind these horrible murders to acquire Billy Butcher’s Duds. A series of weekly challenges are also available to offer players additional perks and rewards for a limited-time.