PUBG Mobile Challengers League (PMCL) SEA Summer 2024 will have 20 teams competing against each other starting today!

As revealed through its 2024 roadmap, PUBG Mobile Esports is back once again with another exciting event for the Southeast Asia region. The PUBG Mobile Challengers League (PMCL) SEA Summer 2024 has started today, featuring 20 teams from different countries that are included in Southeast Asia. Aside from getting the massive prize pool, the champion team will also get the chance to participate in the grand event of PUBG Mobile Esports, the PUBG Mobile World Cup 2024.


The event is divided into 2 stages, the League stage and the Grand Finals. The league stage has kicked off today and will conclude on June 9. For 3 weeks, 20 teams from the Spring Split season will be competing against each other. They will be divided into 5 groups of 4 and each week of the league stage, it will consist of 5 match days with each day featuring 6 matches, totaling 30 matches each week.

Based on their placements, teams will be given League Ranking Points (LRP) after each week of the matches. Depending on how many points they have gotten, the top sixteen teams from the league stage will have a spot in the grand finals. The Grand Finals will start on the 14th of June. This stage will have a total of 18 matches, with 6 matches happening per day, with the winning team getting a slot at the PUBG Mobile World Cup 2024.

pmcl sea teams.jpg

The PMCL SEA Summer 2024 will have 20 teams participating in this event. The teams are from the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Singapore. The teams that are invited in this event are those that came from the 2023 PMPL SEA Wildcard Fall and the top teams from each 2023/2024 PMNC.
  • PlayBook Esports
  • Enigma
  • Team Harame Bro
  • 214xSIN
  • Exquisite Esports
  • Dread Esports
  • Strangers TribeAeromacy
  • Genesis Esports
  • Yangon Galacticos
  • MFG Esports
  • Risk Guys
  • God Of Death 7
  • Time To Quick
  • Osja Esports
  • Fearless Esports
  • Myth Clan
  • The Quarter
  • See You Soon x Tiger KE
  • APG Esports
  • Flash Vision Esports
The prize pool will make each team happy as all the teams will get a proportionate share based on their placement. Each weekly champion will get $1,500. The full breakdown of the prize pool is not revealed yet, and we know the total amount. I’ll share the details when the amount is revealed.

For the prize pool, the teams will get a proportionate share based on their placement after each week's match. The champion team of that week will get $1,500 (PHP 87,225.75). Currently, the total prize pool is still unknown. Stay tuned!