PUBG Mobile Cheat Makers To Pay US$10 Million To Krafton, Tencent Games

PUBG Mobile developers Krafton and Tencent Gaming have won significant lawsuits against cheat creators, much to the pleasure of players. As compensation for designing cheat tools, these cheats will have to pay a hefty $10 million to the developers.


Many gamers' battle royale experiences have been marred by hackers and cheaters in the game. Even on a competitive level, banning hackers during intense matches has become a hassle.

Minu Lee, the head of PUBG Mobile Product Development at Krafton, stated that the publishers will continue to monitor the game's progress in the future. "The PUBG Mobile experience is built on fun and fairness, and cheating in any form will not be permitted," says the developer "Lee stated. "As a result, we will continue to enforce our IP rights with steadfast determination against anyone who seek to tarnish or misappropriate them."

Any profits recovered as a result of the verdict would be re-invested in anti-cheat technology for the game, according to the two firms.


Despite the fact that this is a success for PUBG Mobile and its community, other online multiplayer game producers will be hoping that it sends a message to the industry as a whole. With the rise of free-to-play online games, the issue of cheating has become significantly more prominent, affecting a variety of gaming communities, including Halo Infinite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Battlefield 2042.

While certain games, such as Call of Duty: Warzone, have attempted to prevent cheating by enhancing and strengthening their built-in anti-cheat mechanisms, a number of businesses are looking into other legal options. Activision recently stated that it had filed a lawsuit against EngineOwning, a well-known cheats distributor accused of producing and distributing cheats for a number of Call of Duty games. With that in mind, Activision is sure to be pleased by the recent verdict in favor of PUBG Mobile and hope for a similar result in their own endeavors.


Federal courts in the United States and Germany ruled against the hackers, forcing them to pay a large sum. Both PUBG Mobile's publishers, Krafton and Tencent Gaming, stated that the funds will be used to improve the game's anti-cheat mechanism.

Not only were the hackers sentenced to pay $10 million, but they were also requested to divulge how they created the cheats. They were also strongly warned against any future acts that would harm the players' gaming experience.

Rick Li, one of the game's producers, revealed the following in a statement to demonstrate how PUBG Mobile defends against cheating:

"[...] Unfortunately, hacker groups' efforts jeopardize the game's fairness. These rulings send a clear message that cheating in PUBG Mobile will not be tolerated."

Hacking and cheating are common in Battlegrounds Mobile India, just as they are in PUBG Mobile. Many professionals have expressed their dissatisfaction with the battle royale experience as a result of cheating.

Krafton makes a concerted effort to permanently ban cheating accounts on a regular basis. Many players, however, believe that account bans will not fix the problem. A permanent ban on the device, on the other hand, might help to fix the situation. Hackers and cheaters aren't just a problem in BGMI and PUBG Mobile; they're also a problem in other shooter games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and others.