PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 will be featuring 40 teams that will compete for the Championship title and $6 Million

The Weibo account of Peacekeeper Elite revealed that the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 will be featuring 40 teams from all over the globe to compete for the title as world champions as well as a share from the prize pool.

pubg mobile global.jpg

The PGMC 2021 is scheduled to start on November 30 and will run up until January 2022. Tencent previously said that this event will take place across a four-week league stage and the finals. However, due to the increase of teams wanting to join, this may change the decided format.

PGMC 2021 would be the biggest event that will happen in PUBG Mobile esports’s history, with 40 teams competing and prize pool amounting to $6 million, it is no doubt that this event would go down in history for the PUBG Mobile community. Although the exact slot distribution to different regions hasn’t been revealed yet.

The PEL, which is an esports league for the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile known as Peacekeeper Elite, has also announced that the Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2021 has been canceled. It was originally scheduled back on July 31, however, due to health concerns caused by COVID-19 pandemic, it was postponed.

The PEC features teams from all around the world. From China, Tong Jia Bao Esports has qualified for the event but due to the cancellation, TJB will now directly qualify for PGMC 2021. Well, aside from TJB, there are the top two teams from the PEL that also qualify for the PGMC 2021. There are four seasons in PEL this 2021 wherein the top two teams that earn the most championship points after the competitions ends will be going to the Global Championship. TJB are currently at the second spot and if they qualify, the other teams could secure the third spot.

The last season of PEL will start tomorrow and will last until November 28.