PUBG Mobile: How to Get Spider-Man: No Way Home Tracksuit Set and Parachute Skin for Free

As part of the latest collaboration of PUBG Mobile with Marvel Studios’ superhero film, Spider-Man: No Way Home, the game released an event wherein players can obtain the Spider-Man: No Way Home tracksuit set and parachute skin for free.

pubg mobile x spider-man.jpg

Spider-Man: No Way Home Parachute is the easiest to obtain. Players only need to complete simple missions to acquire the parachute. The missions are as follows, and to claim the rewards, just tap on them.

pubg mobile x spider-man parachute.jpg


For the Spider-Man: No Way Home Tracksuit Set and Bronze Vessel Set, it is also easy to claim if you have the patience to do so. The missions reset everyday and once completed, it will reward you with Leap Coins. The following missions are what players needed to complete to get Leap Coins:


After acquiring Leap Coins, tap “Challenge” and claim 200 points for each leap coin used, along with it are several rewards as well. Sometimes, the game will ask for you to spend Silver to buy extra Leap Coins.

pubg mobile x spider-man tracksuit set.jpg

Once you have collected enough points to redeem the Spider-Man: No Way Home Tracksuit Set and Bronze Vessel Set, you can just tap the rewards. To know how many points you’ll need to finally obtain the mentioned rewards, here it is:


Well, if you want to be decked as one of the popular superheroes in the Marvel cinematic universe, this is your chance since you can acquire the outfit and the skin without spending anything other than your time. Just don’t forget to get your rewards afterwards. Good luck!


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