PUBG Mobile is celebrating its 4th Anniversary with the release of Update 1.9

As PUBG Mobile celebrates its 4th anniversary, its Update 1.9 will be rolling out as well, which was released yesterday. Make sure to have a good network environment and enough available storage on your device so that the update is quick and smooth. There’ll be update rewards as well that will be given as long as you have updated the game between March 16th to March 22nd. You can get 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and a Nocturnal Rhapsody Helmet (3d).

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Here are the in-game contents that the Update 1.9 brings:
  • The Vibrant Anniversary is the themed gameplay for the celebration of the 4th Anniversary of PUBG Mobile. To enter in this event: Mode Selection - Ranked Mode - Erangel Themed Map/Livik Themed Map.
  • The Colorful Spawn Island is where players can use 4 different colored balls on Spawn Island to dye the 4 giant statues to trigger the special performance in the themed mode.
vibrant anniversary.jpg
  • Jump into the vibrant Aerial Battleground and wear colorful outfits. When players are hit by the enemies, the head cover will enlarge, which will make players float in the sky. They can only return to the battlefield after they have been eliminated. But if hit by teammates, the head cover will shrink and return to the aerial battleground. The Aerial Battleground is only available for the first 5 minutes of matches.
aerial battleground.jpg
  • Players can pick up a folding colorful mountain bicycle on the map and open it in their backpack to use it as their vehicle. This is for one person only.
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There’ll be new maps as well and these are:
  • Large-scale resource camp
— Players can check out the Bicycle Exhibit at the Vibrant Plaza and other special anniversary areas, wherein extra supply crates are waiting for them there!
  • Small-scale resource camp
— At the Vibrant Camp, players check out memory exhibits voted on by them, and activate it to relive happy moments. Collect combat supplies and souvenirs.
  • New small-scale military-themed camps
— Vehicle Scanning: The Vehicle Radar has been added. Activate it to learn the location of nearby vehicles to easily find them.
— There is anniversary-themed graffiti created by players that appears on nearby buildings, which you can check out with your teammates.
  • New Firearms Depot
— Firearms Depot: Search for Access Cards to open Firearms Depots on the second floor to get extra supplies.

Classic Mode improvements are as follows:
  • Recall - Every player has one chance to return to the battlefield. Find the Recall Tower to recall your killed teammates. This is available in the following: Unranked Mode - Erangel, Unranked Mode - Livik, Unranked Mode - Aftermath, Ranked Mode - Erangel Vibrant Anniversary, Ranked Mode - Livik Vibrant Anniversary
  • Supply Shop - The locations of the Supply Shop have been adjusted and increased so that players can easily find them. The items sold have also been updated. In Erangel, the AWM, GROZA, and Ghillie Suit have been removed, while the Flare Gun and more have been added. In Livik, the AWM and Ghillie Suit have been removed, while the AUG and more have been added. The costs have been adjusted as well for a better balance. The affected maps are Unranked Mode - Erangel, Unranked Mode - Livik, Unranked Mode - Aftermath, Ranked Mode - Erangel Vibrant Anniversary, Ranked Mode - Livik Vibrant Anniversary.
supply shop.jpg
  • Map Improvements - The bridge that leads to the Military Base in Erangel has been updated. The width was widened and the amount of cover was updated. Additional walkways were added as well for more strategic depth.
map improv.jpg
  • Mechanic Improvements - The frequency of the countdown reminder in the Playzone was reduced to minimize interference. A new feature is added which allows players to close the Backpack by tapping the rubbish bin icon. The viewing angle can now be adjusted as well holding the prone, crouch, and jump buttons. The display effects of quick marks at the edge of the screen are now improved. The canceling universal marks and the quick voice wheel has now been improved as well.
  • Control Improvements - For more convenient weapon switching in the water, the default weapon switching is now supported. To improve the response efficiency of players, firearm attachments can now be replaced while reloading. The Climb feature has been improved as well, which now allows players to hold the jump button when approaching cover to automatically climb over them, which also makes climbing windows easier.
  • Map Improvements - The map Aftermath has received several improvements such as the appearance of the ziplines and its animation when in use is upgraded, the color-changing effect on the crosshair of firearm sights is improved, and the screenshake when firing the shotgun is now restored.

The Royale Arena: Assault will be available from April 7 at 2:00 (UTC+0). In both Erangel and Livik, a random area will become a 4v4 combat zone, in which the first team that completes the elimination goal will win. To enter, Mode Selection - Arena - Royale Arena: Assault.

royale arena.jpg

The Cheer Park has been redesigned. Its new look includes a new racing gameplay that supports two-player racing with a variety of vehicles to choose from and the shooting range has been moved indoors with rooms that players can use for training without other players disturbing them. There’s also new hoverboard and viewing platforms. Moreover, players can now fine-tune the system mechanics.

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There’s a lot more that the Update 1.9 brought, you can check that out on the official website of PUBG Mobile. Don’t forget to update to receive the update rewards.

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