PUBG Mobile Japan x Higurashi When They Cry Voice Card Collaboration

PUBG Mobile and Higurashi When They Cry are having a collaboration.

pubg mobile japan.png

Voice cards of the characters from the anime series Higurashi When They Cry are now available in PUBG Mobile Japan. The characters are Keichi Maebara, Rena Ryugu, and Sakoto Hojo. The event is only up until October 14, 10:59 JST.

voice cards.png

Game events and Twitter campaigns are made to promote the collaboration. When you log-in, a voice card sample of the mentioned characters will be given and it seems Hanyuu is also included.

Exchange tickets will be available for the collaboration items. To get the tickets, players must use melee weapons to defeat the opponents as instructed by Rena Ryugu’s challenge. PUBG Mobile Japan suggests that players use the frying pan over Rena's machete since it's more PUBG-ish.