PUBG Mobile parent Krafton company will release a short PUBG-based film

Krafton Inc., the parent business of the breakthrough battle royale game PUBG, is making huge strides in every sector and continues to develop by leaps and bounds every day.


The South Korean firm is preparing to make its first public offering, which is expected to garner $5 billion. The business will sell 10 million shares, or roughly 20% of its entire stock, in order to raise funds.

Changan Kim, the CEO of Krafton, outlined the company's future ambitions in an interview with prominent tech newspaper Bloomberg earlier this year. PUBG: Latest State, the company's new mobile battle royale game, will be released later this year. It recently completed alpha testing.

The movie's poster was also unveiled by the business. On June 26th, Changan Kim will premiere the film himself. Ground Zero will be available for free on PUBG's official YouTube channel starting at 4 p.m. on that day.

Kim also discussed the company's growth into film and animation in the conversation. Krafton has already taken steps in that direction, announcing the release of its first short film in a recent blog post.

Lee will play a prisoner attempting to flee Hosan Prison, which is located in TAEGO, the newest South Korean-inspired area to be introduced to PUBG. The short video will immediately connect to the game's backstory as well as the new area.


TAEGO will be PUBG's first new 8-player battlefield since 2018, and it will have a new mechanism that allows players to rejoin the fight after being eliminated the first time.

PC players will get the new map on July 7, while console players will get it a few days later, on July 15. Additional, in-depth information on TAEGO will be released in the following weeks, and a roadmap for PUBG's development can be seen on the game's official website.

Krafton's PUBG Universe Room had this to say about the film: " "We expect 'Ground Zero,' which is available for free on YouTube, will be a little fun for PUBG enthusiasts as well action movie lovers looking for fresh material. We are requesting your attention since it is an action short film in which you had an active role, such as participating in the film from beginning to conclusion."

The movie's countdown will begin on June 24th, two days before the premiere. Various prizes, including iPad Pros and autographed action figurines of actor Ma Dong Seok, will be given away during a 30-minute live discussion before to the film's showing.

Users who view the video will also receive 100 special boxes on PUBG's official YouTube channel.